2.4Ghz drone jammers

2.4Ghz drone jammers

2.4Ghz drone jammers Avoiding uav surveillance

You can use several methods to block the signal. Many people may wonder why it is necessary to prevent this useful feature. This technology runs at 2.4GHz. Wireless uses the same frequency. Privacy is likely to be attacked. Personal data is always at risk. Worse things could happen. Prevents you from being monitored by event meetings. In fact, all you need is a 2.4GHz wireless drone jammer.
Now, mobile phone signal jammer on the market can limit self-propelled launchers up to 500 meters away. The cut-off radius is adjustable. The jammer will only block the phone signal and will not affect other electronic devices. save energy. When the jammer device is active, disable the ability to send and receive cell phone signals within a specific range. You can achieve the purpose of banning calls. It has many functions.

Signal jammers can interfere with cell phone signals in conference and test rooms. Radio GSM jammers have become a common tool to prevent the effects of cell phone communication during meetings and testing, thus preventing information leakage and test fraud. The existing signal shielding device is mainly a manual control interference switch. This program cannot be set automatically. High work intensity. It is inconvenient to use. The shielding device has no monitoring device. Unable to repair in time. Overheating the jammer may cause circuit damage.

The suppression device can work at different distances from the object by changing the signal power. Use interfering equipment to avoid using your phone. Began to introduce more advanced frequency operation technology. It is important to note the use of fixed frequencies. The use of interference is wide. The device can block these radio waves with help. Can be used effectively.
Green facilities. All types of cell phone signals will be disabled within the working range. It can run stably and continuously in various environments. Some of them are waterproof and shockproof. Get high-quality gps jammer at high prices. Each band has an independent interference switch. The transmit power of each single frequency range can be adjusted independently of each other. Due to the high transmission power, the mobile phone has a wide range of blocking.


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