Former solicitor general Gopal Subramanium on Monday said

I would, consistent with my standards in the past, charge `1 for discharging my duties,” the noted lawyer said.The decision to form the commission by the Delhi government came amid the AAP’s fierce attack on Mr Jaitley over alleged irregularities in the DDCA under his watch.. The Delhi government panel had suggested that an interim committee of professional cricketers should manage affairs of the game in the capital.BJP MP Kirti Azad, who has been campaigning against alleged corruption in Delhi’s cricket body, had demanded an ED and DRI probe into the affairs of the DDCA on Sunday.Former solicitor-general Gopal Subramanium on Monday said he accepted the Delhi government’s request to head a commission of inquiry into affairs of DDCA as its purpose is “positive” and called Union China bathroom waterproof panel Factory外部リンク Gopal Subramanium

Former solicitor general Gopal Subramanium on Monday said he accepted the Delhi government’s request to head a commission of inquiry into affairs of DDCA as its purpose is “positive” and called Union finance minister Arun Jaitley a valued and distinguished colleague of his for almost 37 years.The committee had also recommended to the government to appoint a commission of inquiry under the Commission of Inquiries Act while mentioning about findings on the DDCA’s alleged wrongdoings by various probe panels in the recent past including the Serious Fraud Investigation Office.“I would accept the assignment on the understanding that the purpose of the commission is positive in content and the government should be benefited to take forward cricket to better and higher levels.“It is only fair that I must mention that Shri Arun Jaitley whose name has figured in the news has been a valued and distinguished colleague of mine for almost 37 years,” Mr Subramanium said in a letter to chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.The Delhi Cabinet approved setting up of the one-member commission of inquiry under Mr Subramanium to probe alleged irregularities in Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA), which was headed by Mr Jaitley for around 13 years till 2013. “As I see that terms of reference are in relation to a larger public purpose, I would unhesitatingly accept the assignment,” Mr Subramanium said and added that he would conduct the probe with a professional approach and charge `1 for discharging his duties.

Around a month back, an AAP government-appointed probe committee recommended immediate suspension of DDCA by the BCCI for alleged irregularities.“I am a deeply interested cricket lover and wanted to be a full-fledged cricket commentator on the Radio! You may be assured of my professional approach to the terms of reference


A restriction on such roles was seen as increasingly

Washington: The US military will let women serve in all combat roles, Defence Secretary Ash Carter said on Thursday in a historic move striking down gender barriers in the armed forces. But some other lawmakers welcomed the move.Carter said the opening to women would take place following a 30-day review period, after which they would be integrated into the new roles in a "deliberate and methodical manner" as positions come open.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said it would "strengthen our armed forces" and Representative Niki Tsongas called it a "long overdue" move that would eliminate some of the barriers to advancement that women face in the military. They'll be able to serve as Army Rangers and Green Berets, Navy SEALS, Marine Corps infantry, Air Force parajumpers and everything else that was previously open only to men," he said.He acknowledged the decision could lead to more debate over whether women would have to register for the draft, an issue he said was already under litigation. Three women recently passed the rigorous Army Ranger course, but some 220,000 military jobs are still closed to women. He said he considered the Marines' request and believed its concerns could be addressed. The waiting period enables Congress to review the decision and raise any objections.

Carter said most of the services favoured opening all jobs to women, but the Marine Corps had sought a partial exception for roles such as infantry, machine gunner, fire support reconnaissance and others.S. "And women will be subject to the same standard and rules that men will. The U. military is currently an all-volunteer force, but young men are still required to register in case the draft is reactivated.Since the Pentagon directive in 2013, the services have been examining whether women should be excluded from China insulation boards Factory外部リンク any military positions."As long as they qualify and meet the standards, women will now be able to contribute to our mission in ways they could not before," Carter told a Pentagon news conference.Carter's decision comes nearly three years after the Pentagon first instructed the military to open all positions to qualified women, including front-line combat roles.They asked the Pentagon for details on a Marine Corps request for exceptions, which was overridden by Carter, and information on how draft registration might be affected."Secretary Carter's decision to open all combat positions to women will have a consequential impact on our service members and our military's warfighting capabilities," Senator John McCain and Representative Mac Thornberry said in a statement.""People are assigned to missions, tasks and functions according to need as well as their capabilities," he said.Asked whether the decision opened the door to women being required to serve in front-line combat positions, Carter said members of the military had some choices but not "absolute choice.

A restriction on such roles was seen as increasingly out of place during a decade of war in Iraq and Afghanistan in which women were often in harm's way."Women already serve in combat roles for the armed forces of a few developed nations, including Canada and Israel, but officials have said demand from women for such jobs in most NATO countries is very low.General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and former Marine commandant, said he had given Carter his best advice on the issue and would now fully integrate women "in a manner that maintains our joint warfighting capability."MARINES HAD SOUGHT EXCEPTIONSThe decision drew a rebuke from the Republican chairmen of the armed services committees in the Senate and House of Representatives."They'll be allowed to drive tanks, fire mortars, and lead infantry soldiers into combat.Women represented about 2 percent of US casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan, with some 300,000 deploying to the conflict zones.Two Democratic members of the armed services panels welcomed Carter's decision.""Our armed forces will draw on an even wider pool of talent.President Barack Obama called the move a "historic step forward," saying it would "make our military even stronger. Women who can meet the high standards required will have new opportunities to serve," Obama said in a statement


If and when Xiaomi releases the Poco F2

And according to recent reports, we might even see the end of the sub-brand before or after the launch of the rumoured Poco F2.We might even see the end of the sub-brand before or after the launch of the rumoured Poco F2.Other changesThe company may also make other changes like ditching the Infrared Face Unlock found on the Poco F1 and the 27W fast charging on the K20 series.DisplayThe phone may go back to the LCD screens and ditch the OLED panels found on the K20 phones, which are more expensive. 

The company may also go with alternatives to Corning’s Gorilla Glass like the Dragontail Glass.CameraThe phone will likely stick to a dual camera setup on the back, with one camera being the main sensor while another acts as the depth sensor or maybe even the wide angle lens. Whether or not Mani’s quitting the company affects the existence of the Poco F2 will probably be revealed by then. The triple rear camera setup, the pop-up camera and the OLED screen with an in-display fingerprint sensor were all welcome changes, but they increased the phone’s price.DesignThe Poco F2 might stick to the polycarbonate construction from the Poco F1, which is not just cheap but also very durable.The bigger problemPerhaps the biggest factor behind a possible discontinuation of the Poco series is their Product head Jay Mani parting ways with Xiaomi. How the design would look with a polycarbonate shell on remains to be seen as devices sporting the material may look anywhere between boring to absolutely stunning. Mani worked with Xiaomi for five years during which he became the product head for Poco and made a super successful sub-brand that offered a powerful phone at a cheap price. However the phone was criticized for its price, which was about USD 100 more than the price of the device in China. But since the trend is for OLED Panels, which offer better viewing experiences compared to regular LCD screens and also consume lesser power, we could even see a low resolution OLED panel on the Poco F2.

If and when Xiaomi releases the Poco F2, which could be in the latter half of the year, expect the price to go down, but the number of features with it.The phone however, packed in a lot of bang for the buck that was simply missing with the Poco F1, irrespective of its success in the country. If the F2 is on its way, it is a good chance that we get to see the device in about a month from now.But considering the fact that consumers are now living in an era where even budget phones are floor insulation Manufacturers外部リンク striking the perfect balance between compromising on and adding features to make great devices, the toned down Poco F2. The launch of the Xiaomi Redmi K20 and K20 Pro in India went pretty well given the solid mix of quality, features and specifications on the series..The Poco F1 launched near the end of August last year.So if and when Xiaomi releases the Poco F2, which could be in the latter half of the year, expect the price to go down, but the number of features with it


In an attempt to cash in on the upcoming festive season

The special-edition scooter will come exclusively in 'Pacific Matt Blue' and 'Crimson Matt Red' colour options so that they look unique.Announcing the special edition Mahindra Gusto 110, Naveen Malhotra, senior general manager – sales, marketing & product planning, Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd, said, “Mahindra Gusto with its innovative Height Adjustable Seat and slew of other innovations and superior performance has received a great response both online and offline. All these features come standard with the VX trim and the special edition, while the lower floor insulation Factory外部リンク HX and DX variants miss some of these benefits for cost cutting.”Powered by an 110cc engine, the Mahindra Gusto offers 8.com.

In an attempt to cash in on the upcoming festive season, Mahindra Two-Wheelers will introduce the special edition of its popular 110cc scooter, the Gusto. We are at the forefront of embracing e-commerce by making our products available to customers at their convenience. It is claimed by the company as India's first scooter with a unique patented height-adjustable seat, making it easy for anyone to effortlessly adjust the seat height as per their individual needs. It comes packed with features such as the remote flip key, find-me lamps, guide lamps, bright halogen headlamp with LED pilot lamps, easy front kick and a quick storage compartment.In an attempt to cash in on the upcoming festive season, Mahindra Two-Wheelers will introduce the special edition of its popular 110cc scooter Mahindra Gusto 110 1.

Source: BikeDekho. It will be available only in the top-end -- the VX -- trim, with a price tag of Rs 52,010 (ex-showroom, Delhi).15PS of maximum power and a peak torque of 9Nm. To give a premium touch to the Gusto, the manufacturer has used beige colour panels on the interior


Additional bloatware are also responsible for unwanted

There's a good possibility that a phone with quad-core processor and well-optimised operating system can outperform an octa-core handset.Never confuse hardware specifications for its performanceEvery smartphone's performance depends on multiple factors, which include the operating system, memory management, and hardware power. The smartphone had a terrible display and very sluggish UI, yet it was the one of the best selling phones of that year. So overall, he is stuck with an expensive piece of electronics that does not serve his main purpose. Seriously, many think that Zopo Speed 8's 21-megapixel snapper can do wonders and the phone would definitely be great. So, next time you want to buy a new smartphone, think of what you want the device for rather than what's popular in the market.

Gone are the days when Indians would pick a Nokia handset without a second thought, and the company in return would strive to uphold the buyer's trust. Reason Because OnePlus X features an OLED display as compared to the IPS LCD used on Xiaomi's Mi 5. However, the OnePlus X's panel looks way better than that of the Mi 5. A brilliant screen, like the one you find on the xps underlay Suppliers外部リンク Galaxy S7 Edge offers wide colour gamut, perfect blacks, good viewing angles, and a lot of pixels. With growing needs from apps, operating systems and users, a smartphone soon tends to become sluggish, insufficient and even obsolete. In short, a stock Android smartphone can definitely outperform a smartphone with a custom operating system from the likes of Samsung, Sony or the others.


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