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I do not like the irritating pain that threading

If you keep yourself active and fit, the rest will fall into place. Apart from the glow you get, it’s a real stress buster. My skin regimen consists of regular facials, eating nutritious foods and working on my facial muscles through various daily exercises. I make it a point to wash my face with moong dal powder and that’s it.”On artificial beauty enhancement methods that many senior women China Cylindrical Grinding Machine for sale外部リンク resort to, she opines, “I do not support any kind of artificial methods of beauty enhancement such as botox or surgeries. Personally, I don’t like Botox or fillers because I think it drastically changes the shape of your face.Growing old gracefully is not about desperately resorting to facial surgeries to de-accelerate the aging process. It can be any form, be it gymming or yoga or a walk. I personally have not done it.”With inputs from Suruchi Kapur-Gomes, Deepthi Sreenivasan, Anupama Subramanian, Julie Sam.”On advocating natural beauty she says, “Why would I do anything that goes against nature I let myself be just the way I am.

I do not like the irritating pain that threading the eyebrows or waxing causes.Genes continue to be the overriding factor in these ladies’ lives but sometimes, even good genes don’t help if your lifestyle is all wrong.Also, my doggies Zoya and Zorro keep me active.In Chennai, while actress Trisha Krishnan may make heads turn, the year has been very special for her mother Uma Krishnan who turns 60 in a month’s time. She says, “People are doing surgeries, Botox and fillers because they are either unhappy with how they look or want to look younger or enhance their features. “I eat healthy — I have never been fond of eating oily food right since childhood. Genes have a lot to do with how you or your kids look, but maintenance of skin, body and mind go hand in hand and will give you the radiance you have always dreamed of. I follow the Jane Fonda exercise, which is meant for seniors, and of course, yoga. My diet consists of a lot of salads — I liberally include a lot of fruits and vegetables in every meal. Personally, this has helped me a lot. It is always better to avoid such methods.” She adds “ I follow a healthy diet and am particular about my intake of ghee, curd and butter. Gorgeous Mumbai-based actress Suhasini Mulay endorses this belief.

At the same time, there is a small breed of 60-plus Indian women who follow homegrown therapies despite their advancing years. “Since my childhood, I have always applied fresh ground almond paste on my face for a minimum of 30 minutes before taking a bath. Which means no Botox or fillers for me. I do yoga and meditation too. And, they still look beautiful with minimal make up — the true hallmark of natural beauty Bengaluru-based Anita Faria, former Miss Earth Nicole Faria’s mother, always seems to get a bevvy of admiring glances from people.” Endorsing this principle and keeping it simple by going back to the roots is Hyderabad’s Indira Subbarami Reddy. She is an entrepreneur in her late 60s and is living proof that age is just a number. Uma spills her beauty secrets and says, “I believe in growing old gracefully. I’m sure somewhere down the line, when I’m old and wrinkly, I may want to try it but for now I am quite happy with how I look.” She does feel strongly about natural beauty and not really keeping up with the Kardashians, so to speak.Kerala’s Sreekumari Ramachandran is a woman who wears many caps


He was given crucial finance ministry and for some

He lost to Congress’ Capt Amrinder Singh from Amritsar.In 1999, Jaitley served as minister of state for information and broadcasting (independent charge), later appointed minister of state for disinvestment (independent charge), a new ministry China Precision Grinding Machines for sale外部リンク created for the first time.In 2004, the saffron sanyasan Uma Bharati had accused Jaitley of “plotting” against her.K.. Regardless the defeat, Modi held Jaitley as his “closest, after Shah.Over the years, Jaitley had emerged as the main trouble-shooter and a master election strategist till he fumbled big time in Delhi polls where he brought in former team Anna member and IPS Kiran Bedi as BJP’s face for Delhi. He later took over as law minister in 2000 following the resignation of Ram Jethmalani as the Union cabinet minister of law, justice and company affairs. During Vajpayee’s regime it was Mahajan who ruled the roost while Jaitley remained close to L. He joined the ABVP and became the Dusu president in 1974.”Though unlike Vajpayee, he did not like being called the “right man in the wrong party”, he had friends cutting across partyline. He was in Shri Ram College of Commerce and later pursued law degree at Delhi University. Mr Modi’s offer to resign pre-empted Vajpyee’s move to sack him as the Hindutva hardliners in the party rushed in to “save the rising mascot.’ (You must eat and dress well).”

He was given crucial finance ministry and for some time held additional charges of I&B and defence.In fact, in 1979 Jaitley married Sangeeta Dogra, the daughter of a senior Congress leader Girdhari Lal Dogra.”BJP leaders argued that Jaitley’s “main rise in the party began after the sudden death of Pramod Mahajan” in 2006.Arun Jaitley, who died at the age of 66 was the modern, moderate and liberal faces in the BJP, who rose to become the part of ruling triumvirate along with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah.”Jaitley was born in New Delhi in December 1952 to a family of a lawyer. Advani even Indira Gandhi attended the wedding.”In 2010 Jaitley wrote in Outlook — “I am a Punjabi by birth and by culture, and as any good Punjabi will tell you —’Changa khana te changa paana.Jaitley apparently was a “close friens” of a many political rivals including Congress’ Kapil Sibal.” Some feel Jaitley’s apparent “elitism” was “resented by Sangh leaders, who preferred to lead an austere lifestyle. In 2003 took over as Union Cabinet minister of commerce and industry. A section of BJP “mass leaders” claimed that Jaitley’s constituency was “confined to his contacts in the media, judiciary and among the corporates.K. He attended St.Speaking to this newspaper, a BJP leader revealed that after the riots when Vajpayee was “adamant” in replacing “Modiji”, Jaitley under the instruction of a senior party leader rushed to Ahmedabad to meet Mr Modi and asked him to quit. He was arrested during the Emergency and spent nearly 19 months between Ambala and Tihar jails.In 2002 after the Gujarat communal carnage when the top leadership of the BJP including the then Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee was toying with the idea for a change of guard in the state, it was L.

It was revealed that in 1994, though Advani pushed Jaitley for a Rajya Sabha berth from Delhi, Vajpayee reportedly “blocked it. Advani and Arun Jaitley who rallied around Narendra Modi. Xavier’s school in Civil Lines. Besides Vajpayee and L. Some called him, Mr Modi’s “Chanakya” and Prime Minister himself had described him as a “precious diamond.Jaitley’s rise in the party had been steady but it gained momentum with the rise of Narendra Modi. During his tenure as finance minister, Jaitley will be remembered for two major policy decisions — demonetisation and GST, which changed the face of Indian economy.” Jaitley was also the man instrumental in bailing out Amit Shah during the time he was externed from Gujarat.”As Jaitley climbed up the pyramid he gained powerful rivals within his outfit. The outcome was disastrous as even Ms Bedi lost the elections.Despite the Modi tsunami in 2014, Jaitley was one of few leaders who lost Lok Sabha polls.The BJP under the new dispensation might have developed a healthy dislike for the so called “Khan market gang in Lutyen’s Delhi”, but, “urban polished and refined” Jaitley was “BJP’s face, eyes and ears in Lutyen’s Delhi.K. Advani.” Some called him a “durbar politican. He was instrumental in bringing Nitish Kumar led JD(U) back to the NDA fold


They vowed to pursue denuclearisation and a peac

But some of them slammed the deal, saying it did not oblige Japan to take legal responsibility, and Moon has repeatedly urged Tokyo to do more.The last visit by a South Korean Head of State to Japan was 2011 when then-President Lee Myung-bak met then-Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda.With concerning growing in Tokyo over whether it should change tack, a hawkish Abe expressed a willingness to meet Kim -- a message which Moon relayed to the North&high-quality China Automatic Loading And Unloading CNC Cylindrical Grinding外部リンク39;s Leader during the summit. This dispute was referenced by Seoul at the inter-Korean summit with a banquet dessert featuring a peninsula map including them, drawing an angry protest from Japan.Kim said in response he was "willing to talk to Japan any time", Moon's office said on Sunday, adding the South's Leader would be "happy to build a bridge" between the two nations. But ties soured after Lee made a surprise visit to Dokdo a year later.It follows a historic and headline-grabbing summit between Moon and the North's Leader Kim Jong-un last Friday.During a day-long visit to Tokyo, Moon will "share the result of the inter-Korea summit and discuss ways to strengthen Trilateral cooperation to denuclearise and establish peace on the Korean peninsula", Moon's office said in a statement.The thaw between the Koreas, triggered by The Winter Olympics in the South, has repercussions for the geopolitics of the region.

They vowed to pursue denuclearisation and a peace treaty to formally end the 1950-53 Korean War, setting the mood for Kim's much-anticipated face-to-face encounter with US President Donald TrumpBut analysts have urged caution, warning that similar previous pledges have come to nothing, and that the North has yet to make clear what concessions it is willing to make with its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.All three of the neighbours are deeply involved with North Korea-- the South as its neighbour, key US ally Japan as a sometime target for its threats, and China as its key diplomatic backer and business partner.Moon also asked UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Tuesday for UN inspectors to observe the promised shutdown of the North's only known Nuclear Testing Site at Punggye-ri.Ties are further strained by the islets called Dokdo in Seoul and Takeshima by Tokyo.In Tokyo, Moon will also have a separate summit with Abe to discuss ways to develop "future-oriented ties" with Japan, it added.Moon's predecessor Park Geun-hye reached a controversial deal with Japan in 2015 under which Tokyo offered one billion yen (USD 8.The South and Japan face a common threat from the North's rapidly-advancing nuclear weapons and missile technology, but have locked horns over the issue of South Korean women forced into sexual slavery for Japanese soldiers during World War II, and a row over Seoul-controlled islets claimed by TokyoThe two Koreas share a bitter resentment over Japan's brutal 1910-45 occupation of the peninsula and the so-called "comfort women" are a hugely emotional issue in the South.3 million) to the victims.

But Moon's trip to Tokyo will be the first visit by a South Korean Leader to Japan in more than six years, with relations between the two US allies marred by disputes over history and territory..Seoul: South Korea, China and Japan will hold a Trilateral summit in Tokyo next week, Seoul announced on Tuesday, the latest move in a diplomatic whirlwind centred around North KoreaThe gathering on May 9 will bring together the South's President Moon Jae-in, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, in the neighbours' first such meeting for more than two years.The North staged its most powerful nuclear test to date and launched missiles capable of reaching the US mainland as Kim and Trump traded threats of war and personal insults, sparking global security fears.Friday's summit, in which Kim and Moon exchanged smiles, handshakes and warm words in front of the world's cameras, was a marked contrast to the tensions of last year. Dozens of activists clashed with police today as they attempted to set up another statue commemorating slave labourers at the Busan site.Japan has long maintained a hardline position # on negotiations with Pyongyang but has found itself left on the sidelines.Life-size bronze statues of a girl symbolising "comfort women" have been installed in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul and its consulate in Busan


The Left was supporting UPA-1 from the outside

Nassim Nicolas Taleb’s “black swan” event explanation is interesting, and it should have led to greater analysis of the unpredictability of the markets and should have created the equivalent of quantum mechanics in economics, but it did not. The argument put forward by the leaders of the BJP and others was that India did not depend on exports for its economic growth, and that the huge domestic market and the consumption it entailed was good enough to keep the economy in shape and the global developments were marginal. Inquiries might unearth corporate mis-governance in the case of IL&FS, but that is an entirely different story. It is an inherent market risk for companies to fail, for good reasons and bad. But it was the silence of the market economists, the liberals and right-wingers, that was of greater concern. In 2013, P. That is the reason for the Left’s tone of triumphant satisfaction.

The Left was supporting UPA-1 from the outside and they exerted an invisible veto on what the government could do on the economic policy front.L’affaire Infrastructure Leasing and Financial Services (IL&FS) meltdown is not a freak incident.In December 2008-January-2009, then finance minister Pranab Mukherjee announced a Rs 40,000-crore stimulus package for the industry to smoothen their frayed nerves, which had its own deleterious effects on the government’s growth and financial deficit numbers. Chidambaram, in his second run as finance minister, had to face the rupee volatility after the US Federal Reserve announced its decision to taper its unusual monetary policy (UMP) of infusing funds into the tottering financial and industrial institutions.Moral critics of unbridled greed like Nobel Prize-winning economists Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman were gloating in their self-righteousness, but they were not addressing the structural flaw in the market system that had led to the breakdown.

For a moment, Hyman Minsky became the prophet before his time!In India, the only man who seems to have looked at the reality of the frayed free market system was former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who did not ever flaunt his credentials as a trained and professional economist, but who was deferred to at China Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machine外部リンク the G-20 meetings that became regular post-2007-08, who made the clear-eyed observation in his speech at the UN General Assembly on September 24, 2011: “Till a few years ago, the world had taken for granted the benefits of globalisation and global interdependence. Today we are being called upon to cope with the negative dimensions of those very phenomena.The leaders of the BJP, who were then in Opposition, including former finance minister Yashwant Sinha, then Leader of the Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley and then Rajya Sabha member Nirmala Sitharaman mercilessly flayed the UPA-2 government over the country’s dithering economy, and refused to accept the argument that the global economic squall had battered the Indian markets, especially exports. There was a flight of capital from emerging market economies like India, and it dampened the Indian economy’s prospects. The moral of the market economy is that small disasters trigger bigger ones, potentially


Officials recovered cylindrical shape crude gold

”.AIU officers intercepted a passenger, Rashid Manikoth, on January 22 who was holding an Indian passport on his arrival from Sharjah on Air Arabia Airways flight G9 401. All passenger arrested under ?the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962. Air Intelligence Unit officials recovered 13 gold bars of ten tolas each and two cut pieces of gold bars weighing 1.”In another case on the same day AIU officers arrested Irfanbhai Parvatsingh Rana, a passenger holding Indian passport on his arrival from Dubai via Bahrain by Gulf Air flight GF 064.

Officials recovered cylindrical shape crude gold, broken into three pieces weighing 1.An officer said, “Further investigations are in progress. According to officials, investigation is going on to get further details.The passenger in his statement has admitted that the above said gold belonged to a Mr.Officials also recovered pouches of Gutka (a type of tobacco) worth Rs 5459731.624 worth Rs 4398961.Early on January 23 morning, Air Intelligence Unit officers arrested Abdussaleem Mohammed Pallickal, on his arrival from Dubai by Air India flight AI 984. Each case has different modus operandi. The passenger had hidden the gold pieces in the armature core of the electric mixture grinder’s motor.The passenger has confessed that the goods belonged to another person and was supposed to hand over to an Imran in Mumbai.Mumbai: Three different people in respective cases have been arrested by the Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) officers in past two days for smuggling more than Rs 2 crore worth of gold.009 kg worth Rs 27,33,098.

The gold was being smuggled into India without payment of Customs duty and in contravention of provisions of the Customs Act, 1962.999 kg valued at Rs 54,14,731. Karim in Sharjah, and he was supposed to hand it over China cylindrical grinder Manufacturers外部リンク to another person in Kasargod, Kerala.Officials said, “Upon searching him and his check-in baggage, we confiscated two pieces of crude gold weighing 1