If the prices have tanked drastically

If the prices have tanked drastically, then chances are that the lender might have to settle for short sales, i. For starters, any foreclosure involves a lot administrative work. Therefore, lender can't really be certain of time line within which the loaned amounts can be recovered. Borrower's credit score is another factor that can influence the lender's decision. This increased principal can then be repaid over several years in future with interest rates applicable on specific day. Those who continue to be employed are never too sure when they will be thrown out. If the lenders find the borrower's proposal fair enough, then the lender would be agreeable to any such terms including delay in payment of EMIs, or forebearance. From this, the borrower needs to deduct the average monthly expenses determined from the expenses of last six months. So taking the help of any not for profit organization for such planning is a good idea.

At times, it may be necessary to extend the term and also reduce the interest rates. If the borrower has a good credit score, lender may consider borrower's proposal, as the lender would have greater confidence in the borrower's tendency to be honest and prompt in repayment. These are the reasons lenders are also willing to review any proposals that the borrower can come up with. Because of economic crisis, many people have lost jobs, and therefore, they can't afford to buy homes. A nominal percentage of these can be added to the average monthly expenses as provision towards any contingencies. Even these cash flows and projections can be shown to the non-profit organization for debt counseling. Since the process itself is lengthy, lenders lose interest for the interim period. The borrower may not really be an expert in such things. They do realize that if the lender could bring down the interests a bit, and prolong the term of repayment, then the equated monthly installment payable on their mortgage would come down, making it easier for them to pay the amounts every month and also help in keeping their credit score intact. What more, this demand is unlikely to pick up anytime soon. Some of the expenses may be superfluous. If the repayment period is likely to extend much too far into future, then borrower should consider liquidating some other deposit, and bringing down the principal. Self aligning ball bearing Manufacturers外部リンク
After having determined how much is the maximum that can be spared to cover any equated monthly installments, the borrower needs to develop a cash flow plan such that the lender is not required to absorb any losses. These can be reduced for arriving at the average monthly expenses. Lenders incur costs for complying with these procedures. The borrower can check which of these can be really avoided altogether. Therefore, knowing how to obtain a mortgage modification and what can affect such negotiations is important for every borrower who has taken any mortgage loans. Because of this uncertainty, they are hardly likely to consider taking on any new liability.

There are many reasons for lenders to be open to their requests.

The borrower can start by determining how much is his/her monthly income from all sources. If the borrower is confident that this phase is only temporary, then he can come up with a suggestion that all the installments that are due or will become due be added back to the principal for sometime. Moreover, the real estate scenario is not very robust. They will review it and let the borrower know whether or not he/she is walking on thin ice. But such borrowers feel diffident to approach the lender with such requests, because they don't expect lenders to be open to such ideas.Many people facing problems with mortgage payments are not sure how to obtain a mortgage modification. This has led to drop in real estate prices across the country. This total can then be deducted from the monthly income to arrive at the amount that the borrower can really spare every month towards mortgage installments.
. If the borrower has taken the mortgage to purchase a home, then he/she can consider the monthly household income., accept to absorb some losses. In addition, lenders also have to cough up hefty foreclosure fees.e. Alternately, the borrower can look for alternate ways of earning, and establish a couple of month's record showing steady earnings from such new source, for example online earnings. Effectively, the installments in future will be higher. Similarly, the borrower can request the lender to consider changing from adjustable rate mortgage to fixed interest bearing mortgage.


More importantly

More importantly, it is also the place where the backlink is contained, and for this reason, some people often describe it as the most important part of the article. It is up to the rest of your article to build interest, and make clicking the backlink more likely.

Commonly, a resource box might contain something like: If you want more information, just CLICK HERE. The article proper is only actually done after the resource box, so do not attempt to put in any type of conclusion before that.

Since the focal point of the resource box is getting people to actually click the backlink, it is essentially a call to action.

Questions, such as, Do You Want To Learn How To Groom a Dog?

Commands, such as, Start to Learn to Groom a Dog, Now!

Abstract, such as, Coming Soon: Fluffed Tails and Trimmed Coats (careful, its tough to pull these off)

Remember, all that you need to do is attract attention in your headline. If your niche is something to do with fishing as a hobby rather than the fishing industry, then of course, youre going to want your article to be about the former. In other words, it could make the reader more open to the suggestions that you might make.

In short, the article body should provide something of value, whether in terms of advice, general information, or even secrets.


Here are some types of headlines, with examples:

Lists, such as, Top 5 Ways to Groom a Dog for Competitions.

First and foremost, of course, it must create and maintain interest throughout, so that the reader doesnt stop reading. Essentially, theyre going to make or break your article as far as it getting views is concerned.

For long keywords, it is simple to know what they want, such as someone searching for best place in Europe to fish is probably looking for just that. Apart from that, a good article body can also act as a pre-sell of the backlink. That should be the conclusion to your article; the logical next step of continuing through the backlink. Still, Wheel Hub外部リンク there is one very important rule to the article body

Important Note: Never conclude the article in its body. However, if it isnt, then it is going to have to create the sort of interest that is going to keep a reader reading from start to finish.

Truth is, there are no hard and fast rules about creating interest, but basically, if you give a reader content that is appealing to them, theyre probably going to stick around. Otherwise, it should at least hint at any other benefits that will be obtained by reading the article. Unfortunately, once youve submitted an article you dont get to edit or tweak the headline, so youre going to have to get it as right as possible on the very first try. Creating Interest
Of course, if your article is exactly what someone was searching for, then your problem is solved.

Bearing all that in mind, here are a few points that you should consider:

1. After the reader has been guided through the bulk of the article, and presold to as much an extent as is possible regarding what your backlink has to offer, he should find a clear course of action in the resource box.

Following these few pointers should get you both and article body and resource box that is much more effective than the regular variety.

By adding the incentive, the call to action will appeal to the reader all the more.

Certainly, trying to sum up the entire eBooks that are dedicated to the subject of headlines, and how to write them well, in this small space, would be close to impossible.

While it is tough to get your article to be relevant for all the individual keywords that youre targeting, you should definitely try to give your potential audience exactly what they want. Knowing how to craft an article properly could let you get audiences interested in the article body, and then spur them on to action in the resource box. Certain words may tend to perform better than others, but since you cant be sure without testing it probably isnt the right place to experiment.

Although that is a call to action, it isnt a very good one.

Be sure to check out the last 2 parts of this series for Successful Article Marketing and learn The 5 Step Action Plan For Article Marketing Success
. These are both the article body, and the resource box, and each has their own set of rules. It could just as easily be discounts, special offers, or even just content that is of interest.

For this reason, your headlines are of the utmost importance.

Since the whole purpose of the headline is to attract attention, think of what has grabbed your attention in the past. But, at least you can be pointed in the right direction.

At the end of the day, the important part is that the reader be given some reason, any reason, to want to click your backlink.

Resource Box:
As was mentioned just above, the resource box is the conclusion of the article.

Article Body:
Seeing as the primary point of article marketing is to steer the reader through the article so that they get to the backlink, there are a number of things that the article body must accomplish. Relevancy
Seeing as your target traffic is mostly coming from search engines, when they type in a keyword, they probably have something specific in mind.

Part 4 of Article Marketing Success - Content of the Article

Primarily, there are two parts of content in an article.When someone searches for your article and sees it in the listing, the very first thing that theyre going to see is the title of the article, or in other words: The Headline.

Taking care of both these aspects as far as the article body is concerned will put you off to a great start. Imagine how much better it would be if it was more like: If you want to learn more, there is this great eBook thatll make you practically an expert, and it is up for grabs FREE, just CLICK HERE. Of course, it doesnt have to be a free eBook, any incentive would work fine.

On the other hand, someone typing in Europe fishing could be looking for places to fish, information about the fishing industry in Europe, or well, anything at all.


In the sixteen trips made to Vietnam


In the sixteen trips made to Vietnam, VITF delegations have delivered information to the Vietnamese Veterans Association on 8,694 Vietnamese KIAs; 1,086 Vietnamese prisoners, and two Vietnamese MIAs. "'The Vietnam Veterans of America are here, and they've come back with more information. "We're the ones who are getting the Vietnamese to come forward.Now in its eleventh year, the Veterans Initiative Task Force (VITF) began with far more questions than answers, the most compelling an unasked one that hung in the air at the first meeting between veterans who had clear memories of being mortal enemies in the not-so-distant past. Corey and VITF Chair Bob Maras believe that the long and cooperative relationship built over the years between VVA, the Vietnamese, and the U. The Vietnamese man said he knew where an American pilot was buried. It was a closed issue, but it was the persistence of the Veterans Initiative and others in VVA that made things happen.

To underscore the importance of cooperation, Maras pointed to a report from the American detachment in Hanoi. It's veterans who can do this. But they saw we returned with more positive information and they started opening up more. As long as we can to that, Self aligning ball bearing外部リンク we will continue moving forward with this relationship with the country of Vietnam and JPAC. "They weren't excited to see us coming on that first trip. detachment in Hanoi conducting recovery operations played a crucial role in the discovery of the remains of twelve Marines at Ngok Tavak.

"The Veterans Initiative played a crucial role in Ngok Tavak because they [JTF] had gone to the site several times and weren't able to find the exact position of the remains. It was hoped that such a gesture would lead to better cooperation in the American effort to recover its missing. On one side of the table, a VVA delegation had come bearing artifacts from the war that they hoped would help the Vietnamese locate some of their estimated 300,000 missing; on the other side of the table were Vietnamese veterans of the "American War," those VVA hoped to engage in the effort to answer questions about America's missing. The JTF sent out a team, dug down a few feet, hit corrugated tin, pulled it back and there was the pilot, still in his flight suit, dog tags, everything else. "We thought warrior-to-warrior would be a better way to build a bridge. "The biggest question was: 'Where do we go from here?'"

The VITF had asked the membership to donate materials-documents, photographs, battlefield souvenirs -that might lead to the recovery of missing Vietnamese. His plane had crashed behind the man's house and, out of respect, he buried the pilot."

Maras and Corey emphasized the importance of continuity in dealing with the Vietnamese, saying that the relationships built up over the years provided a sense of confidence that has proven to be productive for both sides. The soldier-to-soldier bond has been incredibly positive.

"Government-to-government wasn't really working," Maras said.' As we go to different provinces, they turn over information to us and we do the same for them. "JTF said it was.

"Everyone watched us to see if it would be a one-time thing," Corey said."
. I think the Veterans Initiative is here as long as we continue to contribute to the fullest possible accounting. Ngok Tavak wasn't something we were going to let go of. It built continuity and trust. Corey said that with each successive trip the tension eased. S. We kept pursuing the issue and we kept saying, 'They're here, they're here, and we have to keep looking."

The early trips made by VITF delegations were marked by apprehension.' They kept at it and we kept going at it and they finally found the Marines."

Corey said such efforts need to continue.

"In the words of JPAC, it will go on as long as the Veterans Initiative returns and keeps doing what we're doing providing information," he said.

"A few years ago a Vietnamese man got one of our flyers and asked JTF [Joint Task Force/Full Accounting in Hanoi] if it was a good thing," Maras said.

"We were former enemies meeting one another, large numbers of veterans on both sides of the table, asking questions," VVA President Tom Corey said of that first meeting in 1994.

"With the Vietnamese, the message carries on down through the country," Corey said."

Maras said information given to the Vietnamese recently led to the discovery of a gravesite holding the remains of 50 to 60 Vietnamese in Dong Ha Province. That showed that the Vietnamese were willing to work with us as long as we were willing to work with them. We brought stuff back in good faith and directed the Vietnamese to sites and those sites were productive. They wanted to see if the same people would be coming back and that's an important thing. There were still a lot of issues left over from the war. He said the relationship that led to such cooperative efforts played a critical role in the recovery of the Marines' remains at Ngok Tavak. Those first meetings were tense on both sides of the table. If someone had told me ten years ago that I'd be shaking hands with someone who was once shooting at me, I wouldn't have believed it.

At the heart of the VITF philosophy is the belief that a soldier-to-soldier encounter would be more productive than anything governments might do.


The stem cells are autologous

The stem cells are autologous meaning they are taken from a patients own bone marrow. Nathan Wei, Clinical Director of the Arthritis and Osteoporosis Center of Maryland, a nationally respected arthritis research facility located in Frederick, Maryland, We are measuring results using a number of devices including ultrasound measurement of cartilage thickness, special x ray views, health assessment questionnaires, and other similar tools..

Is it possible to control the aging process of osteoarthritis and reverse its negative effects on weight bearing joints such as the knees?

The answer may surprise you. Using ultrasound guidance, the stem cells are Auto Repair Bearing外部リンク then introduced into the knee along with platelet rich plasma, a component of whole blood, that stimulates receptors located on the surface of stem cells to cause multiplication and division of the stem cells.

He goes on to say, This research could have real benefits for arthritis sufferers and especially younger active patients with cartilage lesions that can progress to whole scale osteoarthritis.

Many studies have been conducted both in large animals as well as humans. According to Dr.

In a reported in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases in 2006, osteoarthritis may be a sign of faster biological aging.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis include stiff, swollen, painful joints. Also, obese people are definitely not candidates so body mass index is an important selection criterion.

Scientists at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla, California have shown how the loss of the protein HMGB2, found in the surface layer of joint cartilage, leads to the progressive deterioration of the cartilage that is the hallmark of osteoarthritis..

Stem cell transplantation for the study and treatment of osteoarthritis in humans is now being conducted at a few centers.

We have found the mechanism that begins to explain how and why aging leads to deterioration of articular cartilage, says Scripps Research Professor Martin Lotz, M. The authors based their findings on a study of almost 1100 people, aged between 30 and 79.

He goes on to say, One of the hurdles is that cartilage growth is slow... Often subjective measures of effectiveness, such as pain, improve much more quickly than objective measurements.

Professor Rick Read, lead investigator stated, We are delighted with the significant cartilage protective effects of .

The results showed that osteoarthritic sheep knee joints receiving stem cells had significantly greater thickness of joint cartilage, reduced cartilage breakdown, and greater biomechanical strength three months later than did control joints. For instance, patients above the age of 70 75 may not be the best candidates because of sluggish stem cell response. We are still trying to develop specific profiles of patients that will determine which people are the best candidates.) study has lent credence to the idea that stem cell therapy should be studied in humans. Our findings demonstrate a direct link between the loss of this protein and osteoarthritis. This process causes the formation of bony spurs, called osteophytes.

One such project was conducted at the Murdoch School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences (Australia)..

The field of regenerative medicine has long believed that adult stem cells have the potential to significantly protect and possibly regrow cartilage in conditions such as knee osteoarthritis.

Lead researcher Professor Charlie Archer reports, We have identified a cell which, when grown in the lab, can produce enough of a person s own cartilage that it could be effectively transplanted. As the condition progresses, the joints become deformed and knobby.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis it s estimated that perhaps 30 million people in the United States suffer from the condition., a world renowned arthritis researcher.

A Cardiff University (U.

While still investigational, the early results look promising.D.. The authors suggested that both the aging process and osteoarthritis share biological factors in common, including oxidative stress and low level chronic inflammation.. The bone underneath the cartilage compensates by getting thicker and growing outwards beyond the joint.. or simply take your granddaughter to the zoo without dreading the thought of struggling up and down steps or curvy hilly pathways. run a 10 K race.

Osteoarthritis is a disease caused by wear and tear.. The cartilage the cushions at the end of long bones erode away prematurely and become thinner and rougher.K.

They are then concentrated using a special technique..How can some people defy aging joints while your knees keep getting older every day? What would you do to have knees that were 20 years younger? If you had knees that were 20 years younger, what would you do first?

Maybe go for a long bike ride. The area of injury at the site of knee osteoarthritis is then identified, reinjured using another special technique to induce an inflammatory response.

Murdochs cartilage trials evaluated the effectiveness and safety of allogeneic adult stem cells to treat osteoarthritis of the knee in 48 arthritic sheep joints.allogeneic (donor unrelated) cells in our large animal model of knee osteoarthritis, without any adverse events of the cells at all.


Frankl had found transformed the stress

Frankl had found transformed the stress into something worth bearing. Nobody could revive the patient's wife, but the meaning that Dr. At the end, he lost his sleep and appetite once he knew her coming. We can utilize stress, prevent stress, relax well from stress, and ultimately handle stress efficiently at different stages. The sister filed one lawsuit after another to fight for her share. One big issue was that his sister sued them. The legal solution is the simplest way here to alleviate their stress, and make it easier to look into the underlying problem. A CEO suffered newly onset insomnia due to her business.

Stress can also be a good motivator, and let us fly to the moon. None of the stress relievers, from deep breathing, to painting, to horseback riding, to massage . The principal answered the student's hot button push, unfortunately, lost his control and put his career in jeopardy. Furthermore, we can reduce medical costs, turnover and absenteeism, yet enjoy better work/life balance, look and feel young. corporations $300 billion annually in medical costs, turnover and absenteeism (American Institute of Stress 2006), and makes 52% companies struggle to retain their top employees (Watson Wyatt 2007)." He had tried several ways and failed.In these days, up to 40% young people to 80% workers report stress. could spare the pain or stress permanently, but bought her the time and mind to try everything that we could possibly find. Stress can come from external world as well as our own beliefs, standards, perceptions and health. At the end, the doctor fully recovered, and did excellent in her practice. Volunteering for charity can help her further. For someone who would rather die than be disabled,to recover fully is the only solution.

Stress costs U. Frankl's hand and left calmly. Viktor E. Neither her personal relaxation methods nor sleeping pills could work -- it was the feeling of insecure stressed her most. To me, that was perfectly normal. Sleep is very important to productivity, wellness and beauty. No family fund had been set up, which could spare usually 20-45% of parents' assets when they died.

Sometimes, an "unconventional" solution just works better. What she needs most is an easy access for her wheel chair, so she would have more control and enjoy more outdoor activities. A physician could not overcome severe depression two years after he lost his wife. Then he pointed out how loud his girls were speaking. If they could give her part of the estate tax, the sister would be happy to drop all the lawsuits. After Dr. The stress can be a door opener if we can find its good meaning. Her business has grown bigger and bigger.
. Bad things can happen to good people. A high school principal in New York disciplined one student who was then sent to prison."

To eliminate stress may be hard but possible. After he got out of jail, the student went back to school to revenge the principal. The attorney was speechless. Her will and personal relaxation hierarchy helped to find her the tools to eliminate her deep stress. It takes skills to keep a good balance, not to get over strained, nor age fast. Cognitive ability to an MD is like running ability to a Marathon athlete -- life or death. From the day of the installation, she could sleep like a log at night. Frankl told the patient that it was his suffering that had spared his wife's, the patient said nothing but shook Dr. You can tell that stress can come from external worlds as well as our own mind, health and our relations with external and internal world. However, she would not have the "real" sense of security until her business thrived. A poor man ran into an abusive officer who loved to gain her pleasure "legally" out of his misery because his social class and gifts were "superior to hers.

There was an article about stress management for a disabled lady who lived on second floor and had a hard time to get out. The doctor said that would be terrible to her to suffer. While she could benefit from many relaxation exercises, her deep problem remains -- isolation, physical and psychological, which made her more vulnerable to stress.

Stress relievers at work, such as plan for the unexpected and yoga in the conference room, and stress-relieving workouts, like biking and brisk walking, are important.. Wholesale Bearing Distributors外部リンク
An extra piece of knowledge can be the most powerful stress switcher. Where does the stress come from? One time, a friend of mine complained of feeling stressed. Frankl, the author of Man's Search for Meaning, asked the doctor what would have happened if he had died first, and his wife had had to survive him. Here is my favorite case. This mechanism helps some people recover from severe injuries since stress can increase blood flow to 300% to 400% in the brain, lungs and muscles. In addition, stress can disable our clear thinking, the key to solutions and productivity.. We don't have to let stress govern our life. It would be better if we can increase personal control, and look into the underlying problems while having a personal relaxation hierarchy to relax efficiently from airline delay to Second War World II. His parents favored him over his sister, and gave him nearly 90% of the inheritance.

Stress can also be transformed.

We can also "artificially" eliminate the stress. A huge family "mess" stressed out an attorney. Stress is the most severe when an individual has high demand and little control, proven by research.

The above are sample cases used at The Prince Synergy. The poor man was pleased with his finding after I raised the question of "territory" and quickly moved out of her "jurisdiction.S.

Having a good insights of self and others can not only eliminate the stress created by our own, but also save a lot of future stress. She chose self-hypnosis over several ways and placed her faith as "the sense of security" directly into her unconscious. Dr. One physician suffered a sever head injury that every expert predicted 100% and permanent disability.