She was ahead of her times

In early 2019, she was pictured wearing an anorak-style yellow coat with a heavy bizarre blazer-sweater hybrid.Also Read :  Decoding ‘camp’: The Met Gala fashion explained Celine Dion has been known to have an edgy dressing sense since the 90s. She has also done unusual pairings such tracksuits with dressy pumps, baseball-inspired night suits and sequinned tops with acid-washed jeans.The singer accessorised the look with chained sunglasses, orange pumps and handbag and tied her into a high ballerina-style bun.The My Heart Will Go On singer was last spotted on the Met Gala red carpet in a shimmery Oscar de la Renta dress covered in fringes, which took 3,000 hours to make.It featured wide-legged culottes and a blazer jacket.. It was avant-garde at the time. (Photo: Instagram @myheartforceline @lescinqceline) auto bearingss Suppliers外部リンク

Celine Dion made a fashion statement 20 years ago and she did it again recently; she wore her blazer backwards.The 51 year-old singer turned heads at the 1999 Academy Awards when she wore a white satin blazer backwards, and recently, she stepped out repeating the same trend.She revolutionised the pants and blazer look for women, wearing them in out-of-the-box colours, combinations and styles. Whether it was patchwork jeans and cowboy boots combination or all white pant suits, Celine dressed like it was 2019 in the 1990s. And it doesn't matter, you just have to assume what you wear, you wear, and I did,” she added. The 51 year-old singer turned heads at the 1999 Academy Awards when she wore a white satin blazer backwards, and recently, she stepped out repeating the same trend. She was photographed in New York wearing a taupe coloured two-piece set. She wore it with futuristic-looking sneakers and black shades. She topped off the extravagant look with an over-the-top feathered head piece.  From the front, it was cinched near the waist with a bit of orange duct tape, reported the DailyMail.Dion, speaking to People in 2017 said that the iconic Oscars look was a game-changer at that time. The blazer was on backwards and was secured from behind by just two buttons.

She was ahead of her times.Celine Dion made an appearance in New York in a backward blazer look. “I was the only one with pants in a backward suit from Galliano and if I would do this today it would work. “When I wore that look, yes it was at the Oscars, and when I wore that, everyone was wearing dresses, not pants,” she said


Experts from Pune headquartered Kirloskar Brother

Experts from Pune-headquartered Kirloskar Brothers' Limited's gave technical support in operations to rescue a football team trapped inside a cave system in Thailand.Its experts were on site at the cave in Tham Luang since July 5 and offered "technical know-how and advice on dewatering and pumps involved in the rescue operation," said a KBL release.

Experts from a Pune-headquartered firm gave technical support in the operations to rescue a football team trapped inside a cave system in Thailand, the company said Pune on Tuesday.After Indian Embassy suggested authorities to use Kirloskar Brothers&wheel bearing repair kits Suppliers外部リンク039; Ltd's expertise, teams from India, Thailand, UK were sent to the site.After the Indian Embassy recommended Thai authorities to use Kirloskar Brothers' Limited's (KBL) expertise in "dewatering", the company sent teams from its offices in India, Thailand and the United Kingdom to the site, it said.KBL had also offered to provide four specialised high capacity Autoprime # dewatering pumps, which were kept ready at Kirloskarvadi plant in Maharashtra to be airlifted to Thailand, it said.The final five members of the young football team were rescued from the flooded Thai cave today after spending 18 harrowing days trapped deep inside.A total of 12 children, aged from 11 to 16, and their coach, ventured into the Tham Luang cave in mountainous northern Thailand on June 23 after football practise and were trapped when heavy rains caused flooding


Asserting that only commercial considerations

Iranian companies for crude sourcing, Fountain said it is a part of the overall deal consideration of USD 12.9 billion deal, the largest FDI inflow into the country as also the largest investment out of Russia, was announced first by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladmir Putin during the annual BRICS Summit in Goa last October and got concluded on Monday. That is part of the overall valuation," Fountain said.

He said Essar Oil will honour every contract on products and crude side, replying to a question whether it will continue to source crude from Iran and Venezuela as per earlier agreements or go for Russian crude.However, the Ruias will continue to run their refinery in Britain wherein they has 9 million tonne facility at Stanlow."The core of the deal the way it ended up is based on commercial valuation.Fountain said the new owners&wheel bearings Manufacturers外部リンク39; intention is to run the company with highest standards of corporate governance followed all over the world.On the fate of the minority shareholders, who will continue to hold over 1.The company said it feels the Essar brand is "very strong" and will be retaining the same at the petrol pumps.

 Asserting that only commercial considerations were the sole driving factor behind the USD 12.9 billion acquisition of Essar Oil, Rosneft, the new owners of the country's second largest oil refinery, said they have a non-compete pact under which the Ruias will never be able to re-enter the oil refining and retailing sector in the country. Ruias will never be able to re-enter the oil refining and retailing sector in the country, said Rosneft - the new owners of Essar Oil.Fountain on Monday said Ruias will continue to hold 1 per cent in Essar Oil even after the deal, through a 2 per cent holding in the consortia of Trafigura and UCP.. It will also be continuing with an ongoing plan to ramp up the number of fuel stations to 6,000 from the present 3,500 in the "near term". Russia has the largest crude reserves in the world and Rosneft is the largest publicly traded oil and gas company in the world in terms of production as well # as reserves.9 billion but is not included in the USD 5 billion debt that it is taking..The deal involves a non-compete clause in the agreement, as per which the Ruias will not be able to enter any part of the oil refining and retailing in the country, EOL's non-executive director Jonathan Kollek said.However, the Ruias will continue to run their refinery in Britain wherein they has 9 million tonne facility at Stanlow and also their coal bed methane blocks in the country.However, the new management, which includes appointees from the new owners --Russian oil major OAO Rosneft, and a consortium of Russian private equity fund UCP and Swiss commodity company Trafigura -- did not divulge the fees paid.When asked about state-run LIC continuing to have a representation on the board (its executive director R Sudarsan is on the board), Fountain said once LIC is paid their dues, the board representation will be cancelled.

Fountain, however, was quick to add that for new contracts, maximising the returns will be the only priority."They cannot build a refinery, they cannot build petrol stations. There is a payment as you would expect in normal course of business for having access to license and brand."That (fee) is part of the commercial terms.The company has part-paid a few loans and will take USD 5 billion of loans into its book, including USD 4 billion in term loans and working capital facilities of USD 1 billion.they (new owners) are looking to make commercial returns, they want this to be commercially successful," Tony Fountain, the newly-appointed chairman of Essar Oil that was sold to the Moscow-controlled oil giant Rosneft told reporters at a separate presser which was held after the Essar Group announced the conclusion of the deal earlier in the day. "I don't want to speak about their intention of how long they intend to hold that, but we are certainly assuming that they will be with us with that investment," he said..7 per cent of the company, he said aplan will be drawn in to understand what to do with this lot.

The USD 12. There is a non-compete, forever," he said, adding Rosneft will pay a royalty to Essar group for using the brand name of Essar Oil at the over 3500 petrol pumps, which are also part of the deal.Fountain said the new board has asked the management to come up with an asset development plan which may include strategies on inorganic growth and also verticals to be entered into like engineering, procurement and construction.When asked about the over USD 2.EOL on Monday announced the name of Trafigura's chief financial officer B Anand as the new chief executive, replacing Lalit Gupta who will continue to be associated with the company as a senior advisor.In 2015 Essar Oil had entered into an one-year contract with Rosneft to purchase crude form them.The liability will be extinguished soon, he added


We are on the cusp of a technological revolution

Come 2050, a researcher predicts, the human race would cease to exist. It is not because of a nuclear holocaust or due to an extraterrestrial body hitting the earth. Researcher Jeff Nesbit, a former director of the US-based National Science Foundation, believes our extinction would be triggered by our own creation: artificial intelligence.He claims that the human race would either cease to exist by 2050 — or become immortal. While both the scenarios appear to be taken from science fiction, it is a fact that we are staring at a human crisis caused by automation and robotics, which are the result of machine intelligence.A study by Oxford University suggested that 100 professions or occupations are at risk of being eliminated by automation in the future. All jobs that don’t require exceptional thought processes and those that could be accomplished by analysing data with a simple algorithm could be replaced. People whose jobs require them to come up with solutions on a case- by-case basis can rest assured that their jobs will not be replaced."

We are on the cusp of a technological revolution. There were protests in India when computers were introduced in the 1980s as typists and others feared that they would be replaced by smart machines. Now, automation would bring a tsunami of change that could sweep off many jobs," said an HR head of a telecom company.Blue collar jobs and simple office jobs are under greater threat, which could leave crores of people jobless. Imagine a scenario where an e-commerce company needs to deliver the purchase.

Right now, the courier partner of the e-commerce company delivers the purchase at the address. Over a period of time, there is a possibility of a drone dropping by the destination to deliver the package. Similarly, automation can write codes that software engineers do, putting their jobs at risk.Its impact is already being seen in the Indian IT industry — the first sector in the country to witness its effect, as Indian companies compete directly with major US companies.A statement made by Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka sums it up: "We have to eliminate our own work to automation, improve productivity, deploy the improved productivity to innovation.

Instead of 10 people, what if we have three people to work on it? If we don’t have the software, then some others will take advantage... If you look at the 3.5 million people in our industry, the only thing that I see in the future is automation."True to his words, several major IT companies have either trimmed their hiring or sacked employees. In 2016, Infosys "released" — a synonym in IT circles for sacking — 9,000 employees. Wipro has moved some 4,500 engineers into different projects in one year, while automation could hit 14,000 employees at IBM.According to a report by HfS, a global analyst, 6.4 lakh people in the Indian IT sector would lose their jobs by 2021.Low-skilled jobs, which involve following set processes and are repetitive, face the biggest threat. Thirty per cent of such jobs may be lost to automation. The number of medium-skilled jobs that require some amount of human judgement in processing and dealing with more challenging problems will increase by eight per cent. High-skilled jobs which require creative problem solving, analytics and critical thinking will increase by 56 per cent.While the threat to IT jobs may not be immediate, you cannot consider your job safe as yet. The Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology listed out 100 jobs which at great risk of being replaced by technology.Some of those jobs include telemarketers, insurance underwriters, cargo and freight agents, photographic process workers and processing machine operators, brokerage clerks, packaging and filling machine operators and tenders, fitters, assembling staff, milling and planning machine setters, operators, and tenders, metal and plastic, credit analysts, accountants, telephone operators, real estate brokers, cashiers, farm labour contractors, paralegals and legal assistants.All these jobs involve routine work.