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As the one and only 5:1 pitch combination binding system available anywhere, the DuoMac C51 presents a nice remedy for any business or organization that needs to be able to do three different binding methods on a single machine. The DuoMac C51 gives you and your business the ability to create documents in this venerated style, and to do so with a variety of comb binding style spine sizes - anywhere from 3/16 to 2 inches.

4. 5:1 pitch color coil give documents a fairly unique, elegant, and professional appearance, and there are not a lot of machines on the market that can create it like the DuoMac C51 can.

1. Here are just a few of the many great reasons you owe it to yourself to check out the DuoMac C51 today.

5. That is a lot of diversity and versatility for one machine, you'll have to admit. If you and your business want the more distinctive look that five to one provides, you would do well to give the C51 some serious consideration. This kind of versatility is a fairly unique thing in the world of binding machines, and anyone can understand how this kind of versatility all in one machine would be a major asset to his or her business. The DuoMac C51 is an all-metal workhorse that comes with are the multiple handles (thus the "octopus" look), and fast and easy operation. As one of the most common, easiest, and least expensive machine-based binding methods the world has ever seen, plastic comb binding will always enjoy an honored place at the binding table. In case you didn't catch that, this single remarkable machine gives you the possibility to complete your proposals, portfolios, reports and booklets in any of three different binding styles..

Excuse me, is that an octopus on your desk? Why no, it's the Akiles DuoMac C51, the only machine of its kind on the market. You will also find a wire closer on this machine, so that if you choose, you can have the flexibility to up the ante by using that same hole patter, for the more attractive and rugged double o wire binding style too. If you have the same clients, they may be getting tired of getting booklets and presentation materials from you that all look the same, so here is a way you can shake things up a little and raise the profile of your business. The main thing to love about the DuoMac C51 is that this machine is the one and only machine that offers plastic comb and 5:1 pitch spiral coil binding system to be found anywhere. That's three completely different document types of functionality and appearance, all coming out of a single machine. There are also all disengageable dies, guides for continuous punching, and the essential depth of merging punch control. For those who need a bit of an explanation, this means that using this single machine, a user can punch the types of hole patterns that then can be used for binding with a plastic comb spine, and, using the included plastic comb opener, can finish the binding process.


Example of the Unibind brand of binding machines

Consider the variety of binding machines available for producing a quality bound proposal. Take advantage of a paper document to communicate to your customers. Target your message to them in an easy-to-read format that facilitates decision-making. Here are the types of binding machines that can help your proposal preparation. The WireBinder can punch any paper size for any type of hard-copy business proposal.

Coil comes in a variety of sizes and colors.. Coil binding machines can either be electric or manual punching with an electronic coil inserter. Wire binding machines also come in manual or electric punch. The Company also offers their XU Range for all kinds of paper. It allows you the ability to provide details that would otherwise be overlooked on a computer screen. Their double loop wire products include the Master Metal Zeus 3:1 and Master Metal Zeus 2:1 units for wire binding.

Efficient business communications are possible with the digital revolution. It gives more value to your customer or prospect. They can lie flat on a desk or table.


A coil binding machine enables you to secure your documentation neatly and securely for easy reading. Specifically, plastic comb binding allows you to choose an array of attractively colored plastic combs to suit your business proposal. It is particularly suited to thick, laminated, or non-flexible paper.

Unibind Brand

An example of the Unibind brand of binding machines is their WireBinder. Furthermore, they offer theirBCC10, which is adjustable for diverse spine sizes and formats.Unibind also offers their ST150 model. This is conducive to comfortable reading, as opposed to the positioning and scrolling necessary on a digital screen.


Documents that are bound using a wire binding machine provide a similar flexibility as the coil bound document. Double loop or twin loop wire binding provides a tight bind to ensure the document is secured properly. They also offer their Wire-O or Twin Loop binding system to ensure the strength and durability of secured documents. The coil configuration allows the business proposal to open easily and lie level on a desk. The challenge is electronic documents are seldom read and only scanned on an electronic screen. The ST150 is completely automatic and it can bind several documents simultaneously.


Comb binding machines are available as plastic, electric or manual comb. They produce attractively packaged business proposals, reports, and other documentation.


MasterBind offers many binding solutions for business proposals and such. If you want people to read what you write, paper is still the answer to server your customers and sales process effectively.

Binding a proposal is the alternative to eye straining electronic documents.


Next step up in comb binding machines

The punch is one of the most heavy duty available, and will allow the user to punch up to twenty five sheets (though you may find it works better if you top out at about 23). Let's take a closer look at the various advantages and disadvantages of the 24E. The 24E is capable of punching fourteen inch legal sized documents and booklets in one punching cycle. This can dramatically improve productivity. The machine weighs in at a hefty 75 pounds, so you would be well advised to either put it on a wheeled cart, or to have a dedicated space for it in your office. For most other machines on the market, the user will be required to undergo a complicated setup procedure, and put the document through two punching cycles for legal-sized binding. As stated above, fact that the 24E is built on the same well proven platform as Akiles' Coilmac EPI and WireMac E, making it almost assuredly one of the most durable machines on the market. Akiles wisely decided to build the 24E on the same platform as its extremely successful CoilMac EPI and WireMac E machines, giving it the durability and productivity that Akiles machines are known for.


1. While the foot-operated punch is great for larger jobs, it might be a little more convenient if the CombMac 24E came with a push button operation option for smaller volume projects.

4. Plus, the design helps to ensure that the machine is very simple to use. For lefties, this means that you will be able to move the handle to the other side for easier use.

2. This is great for offices where the machine will have several different users. One of the 24E's great features is the convenient foot pedal which allows the user to hold the pages securely during punching to ensure that the pages are aligned and the punch is accurate. The dies are fully disengageable and contain a feature that allows you to control the depth of the punch margin.


1. This is great for binding non standard length documents, and for use with a wide variety of plastic comb sizes up to two inches in diameter.

As one of the few, legal-sized electric comb binding machines available on the market, the Akiles CombMac 24E already enjoys an advantage over most other machines. Speaking of the comb opener, the 24E features a fairly unique reversible opener handle design. The comb opener can be removed from the machine and used on its own, meaning that, for larger jobs, two people can work on a project at the same time. As one of the most heavy-duty machines out there, the size and construction leave the 24E as not one of the most portable.


Considering the many features we have discussed here, the capacity for heavy duty use, and, last but not least, the fact that the next step up in comb binding machines will run you thousands of dollars more, anyone who will be doing medium to high volume plastic comb binding should take a good look at the Akiles CombMac 24E. The 24E also features a comb opener that will handle plastic combs that are up to twenty-four rings in length.


Looking for a converter to convert

Also the video it downloads cannot be played directly. As it is open source, it is free to download. Well many may ask why on earth anyone would want to play DVDs on their handheld. Because it is still in early stage and continuously developing, it yet does not support many of the video formats but it does support DVD to AVI, MPG or MOV. Its User Interface is by no mean easy to use. The only time people may get is when they are on their way to someplace. Check all the options again to see if anything is misplaced and if everything seems okay then press 'Rip'.264, choose MPEG-4 codec if you are converting the DVD for iPod. But one thing to keep in mind, Handbrake won't remove the DRM (Digital Right Management) if it is present on the DVD. You can then download the video with it. Following video formats are supported: AVI, MPG, DVD, DIVX, XDIV, FLV and SWF.

Now, how to use handbrake for Mac? That is easy. Just download the software. Well, why not? This is a fast world where one does not have the time to sit in their home and watch DVDs. Put the DVD that you want to convert into your DVD ROM. Select the title you want to convert. Well, that is all. After that you will be presented with some video related options that you can customize. On handbrake Mac, choose 'Detected Volume' to choose the DVD source. You don't have to search for the videos by yourself. Choose them according to your preference.

It is really frustrating when you got a bunch of DVD videos in your hand but you cannot play them simply because you want to play them on your handheld. But the software has some lacking. It is for Windows only. It is an effective video search engine as well. It is called the Handbrake. There are just too many options. Now how to do that?

If you are a Mac user then there is an open source converter available. After the ripping is finished you can enjoy the video on your handheld. As iPod does not support H. So, now what?. You can select the video's resolution, audio and video bit rate, audio and video codec etc. And another big problem is that it does not support Mac. So, you would require another converter. Then choose the destination path or the path where the output file will be saved.

Now what if you are looking for a converter to convert from FLV file? Handbrake cannot do it yet. Then select the output format. It is easy to get lost in there. Handbrake for Mac is therefore the right choice for those who want to convert and import their DVDs into their handhelds. Install and run it. You will have to manually rename its extension to FLV to play it. So it is vital for them to watch those DVDs on their handheld. Internet Video Converter is a free converter by IVCSoft. You can then convert the video with this software. In that case, you won't be able to convert them. You just have to enter the title of the video and the converter will search it for you.


Slitting machine is very important

The variety of slitting varies according to the purpose they are required for and hence the slitting machine companies provide various types of blades to the customers. Some factories buy the product from the service providers and carry out the slitting process in their own industry. These machines also require low voltage settings and they do not require much space in the room.

If you are interested in buying machines that meet high international standards, you should opt for excellent quality slitting machines that have become increasingly popular because of their special properties such as high-grade, high-precision control to bring a broad space for development. You can choose the one that will suit your requirements. There are several models of slitting machines available in the market. They have the know-how of dealing with the product and they deliver best results.

If you are interested in buying machines that meet high international standards, you should opt for excellent quality slitting machines that have become increasingly popular because of their special properties such as high-grade, high-precision control to bring a broad space for development.

The raw materials usually come in the factory in the form of long flat sheets and to make any shape out of it, a slitting machine is very important. These machines are a onetime investment and have easy maintenance. If you are interested in their product and services, you should look online for more information. The slitting machine is very useful in cutting and trimming procedures. They are good quality machines and assure no malfunctions. These slitting machines can be bought and sold anytime and from anywhere using the Internet. They are available at affordable prices. If you are interested in knowing more about their services, look up the website for information. This machine is also known as the slitting rewinder that will help high productivity. The slitting machines use the roll slitting equipment on various materials such as film, cloth or metal. There are companies to hire slitting companies on contract basis to carry out the slitting work as this saves money and time. These adjustable blades are convenient for slitting the material according to the desired shape.These machines are used by several industries because the usage of this machine gives rise to increase in the productivity in general. Whenever a factory manufactures an item they product in bulk and hence a machine is required in order to get the manufacturing process done quickly. Cutting should be done effectively by the machine and it requires accuracy. There are slitting machine professionals who have years of experience and expertise in the slitting process. These machines are a value for money. The slitting machine is very efficient and it includes equipment that will provide their customers with speed, stability and ease of operation.