Gloria, who is currently hosting Sunday morning'

She has recently hosted Gloria's Greats for the Biography Channel where she was seen interviewing showbiz chums, Sir Cliff Richard, Richard and Judy, Barbara Windsor and Cilla Black.

Gloria Hunnifords engagement is in association with entertainment agency Showbizworks
Southport Flower Show runs from 16th until 19th August 2007 inclusive.co.

Southport Flower Show, a registered charity, is set in 34 acres of the beautiful Victoria Park and is surprisingly larger than Chelsea's annual horticultural event. Telephone Ticketmaster on 0870 44 44 226 or log on to www. Tickets are 13 for adults (advance only to be used on any one day) or 16 on the gate.

I have always had a passion for flowers and gardens and it's wonderful that Southport Flower Show has established a reputation as being the Flower Show for families, something I whole-heartedly endorse, said Gloria.

The theme for this year' Show is music and whilst Gloria is best known for her TV and radio work, she started her career as a singer. It will be packed with activities relating to gardens and flowers with a particular focus on creativity.southportflowershow. Four day flexible tickets allowing access every day to the Show are 30 in advance or 32 on the gate. Kids Kr8 will inspire and educate children to embrace nature and healthy outdoor living, all set within in a fun environment.

She added: I am looking forward to seeing the magnificent designer gardens as well as meeting visitors to the Show. There will be opportunities for children to plant their own flowers and take them home, to design gardens in a shoebox as well as Nylon Rollers外部リンク paint pots, take part in arts and crafts sessions and the chance to win all sorts of prizes in various competitions. She began singing at the age of nine in Northern Ireland and subsequently starred on the three television networks there with a couple of records to her credit. She hosted her own popular health slot, Gloria's Health for This Morning which she also regularly co-hosted with Michael Ball and very soon to be seen on another popular BBC daytime show. I am sure that I will come away with lots of inspirational ideas for my home as well as plants and flowers for the garden.
. In 1969, broadcasting became her top priority. So it is fitting that someone with a background in music and lifestyle programmes, coupled with a love of gardens, will be the guest of honour at this year's four day Show.

Gloria, who is currently hosting Sunday morning's Heaven and Earth Show on BBC1, is looking forward to visiting the UK's largest independent Flower Show. She left her native Ireland in 1982 to become the first woman to have her own daily radio show on BBC Radio 2, which she presented continuously for 13 years until May 1995.uk for more information. This year, for the first time ever, the management team is launching a new marquee dedicated entirely to children.Southport Flower Show is delighted to announce that Gloria Hunniford , one of the nation's best loved television and radio presenters, will officially open this year's Show on Thursday 16th August 2007. Children under 16 are admitted free when accompanied by a full paying adult.


The unique and beautiful appeal of each of these wedding

Scented Soaps Wedding Favors. The guests must feel awe at first glance of your beautiful wedding favors. Everything has to be just right according to the plan. Or perhaps you would choose an elegant chrome braided-heart bottle stopper with tassels & pearlized tag that is a practical wedding favor with elegant look.

Your unique wedding favors might include a beautiful honey pot with wooden dipper favors, this is presented with a clear gift box illustrated with a garden of pastel purple, pink and blue flowers, as well as an enamored bee couple. But also, simplicity still hold its beauty - unique and simple yet elegant. And as to any couple, a perfect wedding ceremony is one of their biggest and grandest dreams. This is the time where both the young man and woman's fancy turns to love. The luxe ivory display gift box is bound by an ivory braid with tassels flowing from the knot. These items are surely worth to be remembered. This unique wedding favor is perfect for a cozy cup of tea. And the most important consideration is the safe budget where it is the most needed to make the wedding more perfect. All things must run smoothly during the big ceremony. The look is completed with a lovely tag that reads "We Tied the Knot" in a simple, sophisticated font. The unique and beautiful appeal of each of these wedding favor items will truly capture everyones eyes as they are in your grandest day as newly weds!

Every couple should prepare for their perfect wedding. Each of the wedding components should leave a long lasting impression to the guests as well as to the couple themselves. The stopper is beautifully presented with classic style, perfect for a traditional ceremony or event. As the main celebrant, you have to understand that wedding favors should be charming and unique for they also carry the overall impression of your wedding. Both of them are called in this holy matrimony to be bound as one.

These unique wedding favors can really make a big difference on your wedding, and can give an impressive touch as a touch of appreciation to all your guests who witnessed your grand day of happiness. To add more fragrance, you might also consider a Hugs & Kisses From Mr.

Another wonderful component you should have on your wedding is those unique and beautiful wedding favors, that would definitely leave a good impression Gate Stoppe外部リンク to all. This type of favor comes from a classic pair of scented soap, beautifully wrapped that speaks volumes about your exquisite taste.As with any wedding ceremony, all the people that have participated in the grand event are very happy for the newly wed couple. There's no greater happiness for the couple during this event, than the feeling of happiness being renewed as now legally married husband and wife in Christ. and Mrs. The chrome bottle stopper boasts an elegant braided heart thats tied in a knot at the top.


Apply all post caps to terminal posts and top

Apply all post caps to terminal posts and top rail.Seventhly, locate and set line posts. Posts should be centered in the hole. Slide a tension bar through the first row of chain-link..If there is a damaged section, trim it off by clipping off the "knuckle" with bolt cutters or with pliers and weave out the bad section.Ninthly, starting at terminal post, unroll chain link fabric on the ground, along the outside of the fence line to next terminal post. Stretch a string between each stake. is including in the opening width of the gate.Fourthly, set posts in concrete with a mixture of 1-part cement, 2-parts sand and 4-parts gravel.Fifthly, check the plumb with a carpenter's level, Gate Stoppe外部リンク making sure

the chalk or crayon marks remains at ground level. After 24 hours, when the concrete footings have hardened enough for posts to stay plumb, stretch taut between terminal posts.When determining the positions of gate post, remember

clearance for hinges, latches, etc. It should be positioned on the outside face of the posts, 4" below the top. The corner posts must be higher than the standard 45 inches for the individual posts. Standard gate widths are 36 inches, 39

inches, 42 inches and 48 inches for single walk gates and 10 feet or 12 feet for double drive gates. Instructions as follows:Firstly, locate the boundary lines to your property and drive stakes into the ground along the extension of your property line.

A rule of thumb when installing chain link fencing is to not exceed 10 feet between posts.Thirdly, with crayon or chalk, mark the ground line on the posts.Be sure to consult an expert before setting the corner posts due to the different type soil and terrain.In short, as an outstanding business E-platform of promoting stone industry, we are in possession of a powerful technology group and high-efficiency operations management system.Eighthly, measure the distance between terminal posts to determine exact distance between line posts.Think you can't install a chain link limestone fence? Think again.

Fasten the tension bar/fabric combination to the evenly spaced tension bands.Eleventh, stretch the fabric.Tips & WarningsFamiliarize yourself with the fence fittings and their uses. Unwind the strand up through the links until the fabric comes apart. Set gate in place aligning top of gate with top of fence.Tenthly, add fittings to terminal post and then add rail end bands. Adjust hinges to allow for full swing.To remove excess fabric, open the top and bottom loops of a single strand of wire with pliers at the desired point of separation. Tighten all

Sixthly, when plumb, crown all concrete post footings for water drainage by sloping concrete away from post. This article will show you easy installation steps on how to do it yourself, saving you a lot of money! Your reward in the end will be a secure, nice-looking fence people will praise for years to come.Line posts should be installed so that the center of the line posts will line up with terminal post centers. Walk along the fabric, and stand it up against the the fence frame, taking out the slack as you go.

Mix a fairly heavy solution, as too much water weakens concrete, resulting in cracking.com/stonebtb. Once in place, the terminal posts should be the height of the fabric plus two inches.


Remove all the paint and varnish from the cabinets

The best way to get a smooth finish is to use spray equipment.Brushing is one idea for painting the cabinets, but you must make sure you use the very highest quality brushes, Otherwise you will be able to see the brush marks.

Make sure the first coat is thoroughly dry before you apply the second coat. They will probably recommend an acrylic latex paint for the job.

The one thing you want to make sure of is that the hinges and handles are the same size as the old ones so you can re-use the holes that are already there. Make sure you prepare the Gate Latch外部リンク work area properly by covering and taping surfaces you don't want to be painted. After a primer coat, two more paint coats should be sufficient to cover. Make sure you properly prepare the cabinet surface before you start painting. Rollers should not be ised for cabinets, since they will leave the marks and the stippling from the roller.

You should paint all the cabinets first and then paint the doors. Spread wood putty onto nicks or gauges and let it dry thoroughly and sand it before painting. Using the right brush is important, since some paints will go on better if you use a natural bristled brush, and others will work better with a synthetic bristle brush. This kind of paint adheres well to the surface of the cabinets and is very long lasting. A clean, sanded surface will help the paint adhere better.

Remove all the paint and varnish from the cabinets down to the plain wood, sand well and then clean thoroughly with mineral spirits. You can reattach the hardware after you have painted the cabinets and put them back together, but how about totally updating the look of your cabinets, by putting in new hinges and handles? New hinges will look cleaner and will also make the doors operate better, adn new handles can completely transform the look of your cabinets.

Make sure you put some kind of mark on each doors so you know which is the bottom and top so it will be easier when you hang them up again. Make sure you have to use the right kind of paint if you are going to repaint your kitchen cabinets. Remove all doors and all hardware such as hinges and handles.

After you have removed varnish, sanded the surface and cleaned all of the cabinet pieces, take the time to make repairs to any damage. When you go shopping for the hinges and handles, bring along the old ones to make sure they have the same spacing and you will not have to drill new holes or have old holes showing through. The staff at a paint or decorating store will be familiar with the correct products for this kind of a project. This kind of paint is washable, a real value when it comes to keeping your cabinets clean once the project is completed. For a few hundred dollars, you can have new looking cabinets, instead of layiing out thousands of dollars for new ones. You can rent spray equipment cheaply at a rental center, hardware store, home improvement center and sometimes at a paint store.

A primer that is an acrylic based primer is recommended as a first coat since this will further improve the adherence qualities of the paint.

You may want to put the doors on sawhorses in order to paint them, since this will allow you to get at all of the edges. The specialists at the home center or decorating store will be able to advise you here as well.If you want to spruce up your kitchen but don't have the funds for a remodel, why not consider painting your kitchen cabinets? Replacing kitchen cabinets can be very expensive, but if your cabinets are still decent shape and just look scratched and worn on on the surface, painting them can be the perfect solution. This will eliminate any of the stroke marks you may see if you use the brush technique.


A digital door lock will be able to offer

The owner has to enter a predefined lock code to activate the lock.Digital locks offer high level security and anti-picklock protection.Digital locks are often not the cheapest option for, but they are well-known for their security level.

A digital door lock will be able to offer an extremely effective level of security and protection. But nowadays, digital locks have become much more affordable and you can take advantage of this technology to offer effective security and protection in your home. But the keyless digital door lock is widely suggested. They typically have a vertical column of four, five or ten numbered buttons in a circle. So the best idea is to make a selection on your spending budget before searching through the lock category.If you think that your code or pin number has been compromised then you do not need to change the complete lock, all that is required is to change the code to reset the

lock.Digital locks are simple to install.3. Earlier, these digital locks were only used for high level security such as in airports or for high security offices.Digital locks offer relief from worrying about losing keys or leaving keys at your place when you step out. These locks are a little more expensive as compared to the mechanical digital locks.

Adding additional methods to utilize the lock will make it more expensive.), styles, and ways to use them.2. Here are two types of digital door locks "" Mechanical Digital Door LocksThe mechanical digital door locks come in a wide array of styles. One of the advantages of Gate Stopper外部リンク electronic digital door lock is that record the time a person enters and exits the place. Some of these door locks are also designed with a key.5. By keeping your needs and requirements in mind, you will be able to acquire a digital lock

that is sure to serve you and your family"s security needs. 4. It has a touch pad similar to an ATM machine. Getting keys for all can be an expensive and relatively impractical task but issuing a code is simple and cost effective.

For those who are concerned and worried about the security of their homes and offices, they will undoubtedly purchase reliable locksets that cannot be easily picked or broken.There are a wide range of digital locks available to choose from, with different brands (Simplex, Alarm Lock, etc. . Some of the advantages of Cantilever Gate Wheel外部リンク digital locks are:1.A digital lock is also advantageous for commercial buildings where there are so many people coming in and out on a regular basis. Electronic Digital LocksAn electronic lock is a device that operates by electric current.

These types of locks are very simple and easy to install as they don"t require any type of power supply to operate. For activating the lock, the correct order of these numbers has to be pressed.