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Spotted wearing full wedding attire

Today was one of the biggest days we have ever seen - even bigger than last year's 11/11/11," said Erica Hebert, who has owned Weddings the Island Way on St. John, and at the Ritz-Carlton St. One wedding party traveled with 24 people to be on St.
During a wedding ceremony that he officiated Wednesday, Reform Church Minister Jeff Neebel explained the special relevance of the date. "Luckily the weather was lovely, and everything ran smoothly for all our couples. Today you get three pairs of them to bring your lives together. Next year we have 11/12/13, also a popular day, but 12/12/12 is a really big deal.

"In Western numerology, 1 is a male number that represents self-sufficiency and driven-ness. Thomas today," Hebert said."

The 2 is a female number symbolizing a true partner. So when a 1 and a 2 come together, you find balance and you are an unstoppable pair together," he told the newlyweds. Virgin Islands Wedding should be proud that our islands are chosen among hundreds of destinations to celebrate such a special occasion. Thomas to get married on 12/12/12.

Hebert and her team of wedding coordinators hosted nine events at locations including Magens Bay and Lindqvist Beach, as well as at the company's own private estate on Peterborg, "The Garden Terrace.

"Some of our brides have been planning for this day for a year or more. "This is the last time we will have three consecutive numbers that are the same this century.
They were spotted wearing full wedding attire and rushing out of a waiting limousine across the street from the courthouse to get their marriage license before heading to Magens Bay for their beach-front wedding. "1 also symbolizes new beginnings, and 2 represents a union and so it is a perfect number for marriage. Thomas wedding for 25 years."

Eight of the nine weddings were passengers from cruise ships, and the ninth was a couple staying at the Marriott's Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort."

Blue Glass Photography Event Planner Andrea Carter said the rarity of the triple pairs made the date even more enticing for couples committing their lives to each other."

Bride Valerie Witte and her fiance, Clint Bock, who are from Utah, traveled with their families on a cruise ship to St. Thomas. Thomas, the Marriott's Frenchman's Reef Beach Resort, Magens Bay and Norbu Estate on Peterborg, which that overlooks Hans Lollick and the Atlantic Ocean. Weather and potential traffic delays were on everyone's mind," Brand said, referring to four cruise ships - one of which was delayed - docked on St.

"12/12/12 was exciting and nerve-wracking.
"At least it will be easy to remember our anniversary date," the beaming bride said after she said, "I do.

"It's a very powerful and lucky set of numbers for some people," she said. THOMAS - Getting to the chapel on time today may have been a challenge as wedding planners, brides, grooms, photographers and limousine drivers were out in full force to take advantage of the calendar's once-in-a-lifetime date: 12/12/12 - the last time there will be three consecutive numbers in the date this millennium."

Blue Glass founder Alan Brand and his team of professional photographers covered 10 weddings today at Caneel Bay Resort and Trunk Bay on St.