What if your interest runs to depth rather than breadth?

A long time ago, before there were iPhones, if you and your friends wanted to go out to eat, there was a whole ritual involved. You d call each other on your dumb phones, have a whole conversation on who s hungry for what, then call each other back with restaurant suggestions. Then you d all call each other some more with competing suggestions based on price, proximity, etc. Eventually everybody would converge on the joint, flip phones still in hand, and realize you were there.

Now, there s an app for that. You seek out locations, price ranges, cuisines, and even good nutritional choices using your iPhone, and get down to chowing down in record time.

So what s the best app for finding a place? It depends what features you want. Welding helmet外部リンク Here s a quick menu:

Restaurant Finder (Free) Perfect for travelers, Restaurant Finder lets you enter the quisine you want and the city/zip code or location, and returns the nearest restaurants that have what you re hungry for, displaying address, telephone number, and URL, if available. It also gives you a handy weather forecast, so you know when closer is better.

Find a Restaurant (.99) This handy app goes Restaurant Finder one better; it tells you your current location using GPS. Search by cuisine, and it gives you nearby restaurants complete with phone number, GPS map location, driving directions, and one touch website visit (But no weather). Also includes Tip Calculator (yes, it splits the check if you want. Cheapskate.)

Urbanspoon (Free) This is the app from the Apple commercials with the slot machine randomizing feature to add a little fun to your search. Of course, you can also filter choices by cuisine, price, or location. Urbanspoon also includes access to ratings and reviews and a friends feature to add a touch of social networking...but it s no Yelp.

Yelp (Free) Yelp isn t hopping on the social networking bandwagon; it s the real deal. That s because Yelp is a website first and an app second (which is both good and bad but more on that in a moment). With Yelp you search for a restaurant, bar, club, or any business in similar ways to other restaurant finding apps, or just enter the name of a food (e.g., Peking Duck ) and Yelp finds a place for you. You can post notes and reviews (although you have to go to the Yelp site to post hence the good and bad comment above.) The Check in feature lets you and your friends track each others whereabouts. Fear not: Check in is voluntary, so if the stalker ex is back, you re safe. Check flowmeter Manufacturers外部リンク into the same place often enough, and Yelp decides you re a regular. Some user complaints of outdated/inaccurate information; not bad at finding the eats, great at keeping the party rolling.

Where to eat (2.99) Another GPS enabled food finder. But WTE has a couple of features that just make sense. Searching is by cuisine or particular food type, and there are separate categories for bars, take out, and delivery. Emphasizes intuitive experience; typing is optional. Shake to Suggest shuffle works on the same principle as Urbanspoons slot machine.

What if your interest runs to depth rather than breadth? Check out Sushipedia (free) for scads of sushi knowledge, and of course, a database of places to buy it. And if you re watching your weight, click on Lose It or Nutrition Menu once you get to a place for calorie counts and more. Thankfully, neither tells your friends you re dieting.


This is kind of what my friend Hubert is doing right now

A few days ago I was talking to my friend Hubert about his new job as a copy machine seller.

He was given his own territory, and what he has to do is drive, park his car and walk, yes walk door to door to all the businesses in the area. He has to introduce himself and check if they have a need of a copy machine. All this effort for their business card in return.

After doing that for a large percentage of his week, he still has some office work to do. He has to follow up on the businesses he visited on previous weeks, organize all the information in the computer and map out the area he will walk in the next days.

He is in this company because he knows that his boss, after 10 years of doing this, is making over $250,000 a year. Most people just dream about this kind of money. He also has a salary of $2,000 a month and car expenses paid for (gas, parking, etc.) that helps him to get going. Nevertheless, this salary is not enough to support his family and for that reason he is working a second job.

If my friend could have somebody that collects and organizes all the information of the business, sorts out who might be interested in his services and even make the presale presentation for him, leaving him the time to follow up with his hot leads, would that system make a difference in his business?

What if I was to tell you that you could have access to that type of marketing system?

Yes, due Welding helmet外部リンク to the advancements of the Internet, now you can get into a home based-business which will solve the first part of the equation. They will pre-sell for you, so you do not have to do the hard task of convincing and explaining over and over. In some cases; they will also train you in how to attract prospects and visitors to your presale page and even organize them in your back office. They also provide you support.

Warning, these previous aspects (pre-selling, training on how to get traffic and support) are the minimum you should expect for a home based business.

However, there are a few pieces missing here. Ok, you have a website that pre-sells, although you have to make auto-darkening helmet外部リンク sure that they have a good conversion rate of their site. You probably will have ongoing training on how to attract people to your site, but you are a home based business owner, you want to ensure that they provide you with resources that help you to leverage your efforts. You do not want to waste your time posting ads everyday.

Leveraging your efforts will create your leads, but what are you going to do with them? Lets face it, 95% of those will not buy into your opportunity, so you will have to call and qualify all of those leads. This is a challenging task for two main reasons. First it is time consuming. Secondly, you might not have all the information you need to answer all the questions your prospects have. At the end, if you are lucky, just 5% will be a real prospect.

This is kind of what my friend Hubert is doing right now. He is contacting every single business he is getting information from, instead of just working with his hot leads.

As a home based business owner, you will be happy to pay somebody that can help you with this redundant and challenging task. What if you were to have a sales and marketing system that generates, filters and qualifies your leads for you 24.7. What if you also had a team of Trained Sales Professionals who make All Of Your Calls and Close Sales for you without paying a salary?

What if you could spend 90% of your time serving your customers or growing your home based business? What if you could work less, and make more money? Would you be interested?


The herringbone suit is featured in the most recent

The herringbone suit is featured in the most recent collections from several of the biggest designers in mens fashion. Herringbone is a classic and elegant, yet fashionable style that is suitable for a range of events. This style remains a popular choice for wear to the office or at a variety of other functions or special occasions.
Our herringbone suits are available in several color choices. Darker colors, such as charcoal and navy remain popular choices for business purposes. In addition, you will find coat styles in two buttons, three button and other styles. We are sure you will find something to fit your needs and express your sense of style in our online catalog.

There is no need to sacrifice quality for price when you shop with Mens USA. Our mission is to provide high quality mens clothing, with a great selection, exceptional prices and superior customer service. The quality of our herringbone suits is similar flowmeter Manufacturers外部リンク to higher priced suits by famous designers. We use the same quality materials and excellent cut as designers such as Armani, Canali and Zegna.

Pick Stitch Suits
An interesting stitching called pic or pick stitching has been used on suits. Pick stitching is the outer threading outlining certain areas on suits or slacks. Some suits have pick stitching on the vertical seam in the back. It is a visible thread stitching of the same color on the outside. It may be a white threading if it is on the inside where the lining meets. Pick stitching offers a hand finished tailored look but is usually made by a machine.

Whether it is a suit with hand stitched or machine stitched lapels, the more stitching on lapels give a better looking suit. Do all tailored suits have noticeable stitched lapels? But a visible pick stitch can help the lapel maintain a crisp edge with a good finish. Pick stitching is a big plus for some suits.

3 Button Charcoal Geneve Men Suits Super 150 wool pick stitch suits are beautifully hand tailored suits available in many colors. Discount Mens Pick Stitch 3 Button Suits are dynamically designed and sophisticatedly stitched with professional tailors. Coppley 2 Button Center Vent Suit is with pick stitching on the lapel, and is designed well.

Giorgio Valentini Suits are three button pick stitch Welding Cutting machine外部リンク suits. Giorgio Valentini has fast established an international reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of top-quality fashion suits for men. They use only the finest worsted wools from Italy and employ expert European-trained tailors to produce clothing that provides the ultimate in masculine elegance and ease of wear.


Apart from welder machines

The manufacturing industries depend upon the welder machines for the successful development of its products and there are different types of welders that are used dust goggle外部リンク for different purposes. A welder is a machine or equipment that the welder uses to make the weld. Whatever the metal may be and let it be of any type of welding, it needs the appropriate welder machine to do the welding process. In this article, let us see the different types of welders used in welding industry, so at the end of this article you would gain some knowledge about the welders.

Let us start with arc welder and arc welding because it is the basic type of welding process. Arc welding is also called as stick welding and this is one of the most widely used welding processes. This power arc welder is a portable stick welder and these units are ideal for the hobbyist, general repair, fabrication, commercial industrial, factory maintenance and agricultural usage. It is of inverter type with Infineon IGBT type with 240 input volts and of 160 or 200 amps rated output. It has a digital amperage display with low power consumption and widely used because of its low capital and running costs.

If you need to weld stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium and copper, it is better to buy the best tig welder that allows for stronger and higher quality welds. The tig welder exists of different types such as power I- tig 200, power tig 200 DX, power tig 225 LX, power tig 250 EX and power tig 315 DX. Each and every tig welders are of inverter type and exist in single and three phase with a maximum of 220 volts. Different tig welders are used for different metal thickness and have high duty cycles with IGBT electronics.

Mig welder can be also called as aluminum Mig welder because it was developed to weld only aluminum, but today it is also used to weld steel, and the Mig welder is famous for its ease and process. As like tig welders, the mig welder also exist in different types such as power I mig 160, 200, 205 and power I mig 250 p. The Mig welder has an input voltage of 240v with different rated output amps and it is generally used in automotive, fabrication and general repair. It has precise display for voltage and consumes less power.

Apart from welder machines, the welding industry needs to be equipped with plasma cutters. It is a powerful plasma cutting equipment that cuts steel and metals of different thickness. The plasma cutter with inverter technology suits everyone needs and they use the latest technique to cut the metals. It is typically used in many applications and all the power plasma series uses the pilot arc technique to auto-darkening helmet外部リンク initiate the arc, except super cut power plasma series. Plasma cutter is used in industrial, general repair, fabrication, automotive and other industrial applications. When you prefer for the welder machines, you can buy used tig welder, cheap Mig welder and reconditioned tig welder depending upon your budget and use.


Another way to save money has to do with fax broadcasting

Online fax, also known as Internet fax, is simply using your email system and the web to send and receive your faxes. The major reason this new technology has become so popular probably has to do with the fact that you can discard the old fax machine and replace it with mobile devices such as PDAs, laptops, cell phones... making all your faxing entirely portable and mobile.

Obviously, once you have switched over all your faxing chores to these web/computer based devices, you don t need an actual fax machine and all the hassles associated with running such a device. Mainly, no more messy inks, no more paper jams, no more fax machine maintenance and no need for an extra fax phone line. Plus, you will have none of the costs associated with these items which means major savings for you.

Let s face it, these traditional dust goggle外部リンク fax costs do add up, especially if you or your company relies heavily on faxing as a vital component of your business operations. Just the cost of paper, inks and toners alone, can be expensive. Therefore, going with an online fax service can save you significant money over the long haul, as well as saving you money on start up costs if you re just creating your business.

Now, if you re thinking of switching over to Internet faxing, you will have to sign up to an online fax service provider which will supply you with your own Toll Free or local fax number. Then your faxes are sent via the web through your email system as attachments, usually in TIFF or PDF format. Because online fax is web based, you can access your faxes anytime, anywhere as long as you have Internet access and these days that s just about anywhere in the world.

With your fax service, you re also given an online site (account) where you can logon and do all your faxing chores. Your faxes are even stored online so you can easily check your faxes, from yesterday or from last month.

Since the different fax providers have slightly different rates and faxing plans, it pays to plasma torch Manufacturers外部リンク do your homework and shop around before you sign up to any one service. Keep in mind, you can save money by picking the service that perfectly matches your faxing requirements. If you do minimum faxing, then you can choose a lite faxing plan that charges around $20 a year, but remember most fax plans usually run from $10 to $15 a month. Again, there are cheaper quality services out there, so shop around.

Recently, many businesses both small and big, are saving on their phone/fax costs by going with a virtual PBX (private branch exchange) system that handles all their office phone requirements which includes online faxing services. This can be a great money saver and many companies are switching over to this new method of handling all their business communications. For a small business, it is ideal because you can project a BIG company image at minimum cost or expense. What more can you ask for?

Another way to save money has to do with fax broadcasting, if you send large volumes of faxes out to clients, then online fax is definitely the way to go since you can send countless numbers of faxes simultaneously. In addition, most online fax services are completely scalable for business, which means you can quickly increase or decrease your number of fax lines to match the business climate. You can quickly adjust your faxing requirements to meet your needs.

In all these ways, online faxing can save any company money directly, but it can also save you revenue indirectly if your company depends upon faxing to bring in new sales and clients. In this very competitive business world, any advantage over your competition can mean more revenue for your company and Internet fax gives you that advantage. Plus, it also puts your company on par with other companies using this service.

Remember, online fax is the wave of the future, it connects all your faxing to the Internet and your computer. It brings your faxing into the modern computer age, just look at how email has changed the way we communicate and do business; online faxing will have the same effect. So can you really afford not to have Internet fax?