Graduate Fashion Week Celebrates Windrush Impact


Tihara Smith will be presenting her final collection this June at Graduate Fashion Week (GFW), at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane from June 3-6 - and she's using Windrush as a key inspiration.

The starting point for Smith’s collection is the arrival of the Empire Windrush in 1948, which carried West Indian immigrants to the UK. This was the beginning of mass immigration from the Caribbean, the people who arrived came to be known as ‘The Windrush Generation’.

Listening to stories of her grandfather, who arrived in the UK from the Caribbean in the 1950s, and through the lens of photographers, who documented the black experience from 1948 onwards, the experience of this generation is explored, with a focus on their everyday, domestic lives. This includes looking into the British West Indian front room, the décor, ornaments and souvenirs that they bought from home.

With recent events in the news, the fashion designer's collection has become very fitting in showing the positive outcome of the Windrush generation, which SmiTH, almost 70 years later has captured the moment and will proudly be presenting this at Graduate Fashion Week and showing that the positives of the Windrush lives on in the work that she has created.

Her collection celebrates the colour and the beauty of the Windrush generation, but also with a serious message of the pride of the Windrush generation, who made England their home.Read more at:http://www.marieaustralia.com/formal-dress-brisbane-online | http://www.marieaustralia.com/melbourne-formal-dress-shops


How does the girl that wear miniskirt every day match


The dress has been a beautiful scene in the girl's wardrobe since its birth. Especially in the hot summer, simple cool, can highlight the miniskirt of good figure, become the choice that the majority loves beautiful women dress up. So, how to avoid short skirt in the collocation, show oneself the most beautiful side? Below these collocation, always have a suit you!

1. Sweater/sweater.

Is always a pair of feminine and tender, soft knit unlined upper garment skirt can make you decent, elegant temperament, to dress the coat is the key to show thin, waist line produce X sexy shape. This kind of combination suits all ages the girl ~ and the short dozen jacket that shows waist also has the effect that appears tall and thin, but more suitable for young girl, show lively vigor. left

2, t-shirts

Short skirt comes with youth and lively attribute, but with optional comfortable T-shirt to carry on collocation more can highlight a girl's pure and fresh and vigor, it is the reducing age essential routine is also suitable for young girls and girls.

Of course, the girl of the figure worth tsundere can be used in summer to go up with small suspenders, casual chic, individual avant-guard, the most important is the skirt that moves with the wind is still very cool.

3, shirt,

The basic single product serves as the all-purpose collocation of all single goods, a classic white shirt can let you be able to fall neatly without losing woman flavour, easy enter the work place.

4, Denim

The white shirt will have a strong sense of formal appeal to the office, so the denim shirt is a versatile one that matches and displays its own unique style, regardless of who or what. As a timeless element, denim can be easily in fashion with your denim shirt paired with the right miniskirt in your closet: don't button your buttons with v-neck and look thin.

Young girl with short skirt oversized cowboy coat, a pair of boots Martin (of course your thin legs was a necessary element) handsome turned over, the students girls can DIY some design or badge adornment can more show tong qu.

5. Small fur coat

The neuter breeze small leather clothing that hale and simple feels is mixed with sexy miniskirt, the soft beauty of skirt outfit is more apparent come out, with rou ke just let you handsome bone of the flesh is full of feminine flavour.

6. Sports vest

In numerous collocation, most is worth to recommend or collocation movement fleece, suitable for travel date for an outing, wear out at the same time, do not lose feminine taste of leisure, bare legs with single shoes, love, and a pedal, sneakers are very good choice.

Nothing can stop you from wearing a mini-skirt because you don't want to miss out on a way to perfect the feminine curves and feminine beauty. The perfect body only exists in a few people, the perfect short skirt matches everyone can have. Master the way of short skirt collocation, every girl is the street clap queen!Read more at:http://www.marieaustralia.com/evening-dresses-online | http://www.marieaustralia.com/formal-dress-shops-canberra


Male minimalism


> As the boundaries between the ‘gender set boxes’ in style get more convoluted, the cosmetics industry is challenging glamazons to stay ahead of the curve.

Slang term ‘beat’ refers to a flawless make-up application so the term ‘boy beat’ naturally refers to the emphasis towards eyebrow thickening and slight sculpting grouped with an almost blemish-free base.

YouTuber Sarah Cheung made the trend more mainstream and comprehensible through her January tutorial which has just over half a million views.

She explains the idea to do a tutorial came after meeting Beyoncé’s make-up artist, “This was Beyoncé’s look in the Formation music video where she was sitting on the police car. For him it was much more about brow and cheekbone but I wanted to add freckles and dark circles to really make it look boyish and Dane Dehaan-inspired. Other examples of this look would be Cara Delevingne's everyday or Taylor Swift's Wonder cover. It's very refreshing to take a break from using winged liner, overdrawn lips, exaggerated cat eyes just to achieve the goal of looking hyper feminine. Another cool thing about this look is it can serve as a base for anything. Add a red lip and it'll have an effortless South of France feel. Add some liner and you'll look like Shane from the L Word.”

How does this differ from glass skin? Well, the skin doesn’t have to resemble a glazed doughnut, that’s for sure; one’s skin just needs to be done, but not overdone. Essentially, it’s a much more low-maintenance look that needs minimal powdering if you have an oily T-zone.

Just look up boybeat on Instagram and you’ll find a lot of versions of a ‘boy beat’ done by people of various skin tones, skin types and face shapes in case you’re seeking inspiration for something a little different and low-key.Read more at:www.marieaustralia.com/black-formal-dresses | http://www.marieaustralia.com/red-formal-wear


Turning a new pageant


Walking the runway at this month’s International Fashion Catwalk in Los Angeles, United States, is a long way from where Tina Mukasa came from.

The former Notre Dame College student, also known as Fitina Maulidi, will represent Australia at the event, which will also set the record for the world’s longest runway.

But for Ms Mukasa, 20, the bright lights of Los Angeles are a world away from her upbringing in the Congo.

‘‘For me, it’s a dream come true,’’ she said.

Ms Mukasa’s early years were not easy. She lost her mother as a result of war and was raised in a refugee camp.

‘‘I want to encourage every person to never give up on their dreams... dreams do come into reality if you work hard for it,’’ she said.

And working hard is exactly what Ms Mukasa has done since arriving in Shepparton, having taken on a number of youth leadership roles and initiatives as well as making a name for herself in pageants.

In 2016, Ms Mukasa was selected as a National ABC Heywire Regional Youth Summit winner to share her stories, ideas and opinions in parliament.

Last year, Ms Mukasa was named among the top 15 state finalists in the Miss World Australia competition as well as a finalist in Miss Fashion Week Australia.

Also a passionate vlogger on YouTube, Ms Mukasa said she was discovered by photographer Robbie Merrit via her YouTube channel, leading to her catwalk appearance in LA this month, which will be more than 3.3km long.

‘‘Robbie Merritt is one of Australia’s most renowned portrait and celebrity fashion photographers,’’ she said.

‘‘He was kind enough to introduce me to award-winning Perth fashion designer Azulant Akora.’’

Ms Mukasa will walk in a creation by Azulant Akora, who was among the 20 designers from 13 countries who were selected to showcase their collections at the LA event on April 19.

‘‘On my return from LA, I will also work with Robbie Merritt for a supermodel experience in Melbourne for three days,’’ she said.

And after ticking this dream off her list this month, Ms Mukasa said she hoped to one day be on the cover of Vogue magazine, walk for fashion houses Chanel and Versace and meet her idols Naomi Campbell, Rhianna and Tyra Banks.

‘‘I hope to make my family and the Shepparton community proud in LA,’’ she said.Read more at:http://www.marieaustralia.com | http://www.marieaustralia.com/evening-dresses-online


Asymmetric fashion is huge this year


ASYMMETRIC designs were one of the key trends at this year’s New York Fashion Week, with high-end designers such as Balenciaga leading the way – and the trend looks set to hit the high street, too.

Asymmetry is part of a wider fashion trend known as “deconstruction,” according to image consultant Andreas Rose. “Garments are taken part and reassembled in a novel way, often asymmetrically,” she explains.

The result is a look that’s always distinctive – often, when clean lines are involved, there can even be an architectural effect.

“Asymmetric cuts really are everywhere,” says stylist Maria Hans. “Dresses, skirts, tops and blouses are all getting involved in the trend.”

The one-shoulder blouse was a particular hit at New York Fashion Week. “You can make such a blouse yourself without much effort. Simply loosely button a shirt so that one shoulder slips down,” Hans recommends.

Or you could do the same with a loose pullover. The look suits all body shapes, says Rose: “Pretty much every woman can get involved with the trend.” Just be sure to wear a strapless bra.

If you want to try out the trend at work, says shopping consultant Annette Helbig, you should opt for a more subtle variant. For example, she suggests a calf-length wrap-around skirt, or one with an asymmetric zip.

But asymmetry is about more than just cuts or details. “Asymmetric patterns are also big this season,” says Hans. “Classic stripes, for example, can be given a totally new look.”

The biker zipper, a diagonal zip on a leather jacket, is hot this season too, the expert says: “It lends an outfit a rock and roll charm.”Read more at:http://www.marieaustralia.com/formal-dress-brisbane-online | http://www.marieaustralia.com/formal-dress-shops-adelaide