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Vitamin E are essential body vitamins

Initially, alpha lipolic acid was considered to be a vitamin. One of their abilities is being able to work as antioxidants.

They are responsible for aging and making the body vulnerable to attacks by diseases. Modern science has found its usefulness in the treatment of highly degenerative diseases like cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. However, alpha lipolic acid can do both. Glutathione is a double antioxidant and when it is strengthened it acts as a considerable defense mechanism for the body.

Alpha lipolic acid has qualities by which it can reach out to all cell parts, thus cutting the damage done by free radicals quickly. The effect of free radicals can be reduced by intake of alpha lipolic acid in capsule form or through foods which are rich in alpha lipolic acid.

Alpha lipolic acid can do the work of both Vitamin C and Vitamin E, because Vitamin C has the capacity to only work on the watery parts of a cell while Vitamin E can work only on the fat parts of a cell. It can also enhance the effects of other antioxidants that work on the cell.

How does Alpha lipolic acid work in the body?

Alpha lipolic acid works in many ways to strengthen the body.

Is Alpha Lipolic Acid better than Vitamin C and Vitamin E?

Vitamin C and Vitamin E are essential body vitamins. The qualities of alpha lipolic acid are such that when taken in conjunction with Vitamin C and Vitamin E, it makes these vitamins work better on the body. It is actually a metabolic antioxidant as it is able to use the very energy produced in body cells to enhance it protective capabilities. However, in the early 1990's, it emerged as a powerful anti-oxidant, having far reaching effect more so than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Since alpha lipolic acid is both water and fat soluble, it can quickly reach into all parts of body cells, thereby instantly cutting free radicals. It enhances the body's glutathione levels by stimulating the production of glutathione levels. However, their antioxidant abilities are somewhat limited when compared to alpha lipolic acid.

Alpha lipolic acid and its effect on free radicals

Alpha lipolic acid is a powerful combatant against free radicals. Thus, it enhances the effects of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in the body. Free radicals are toxic wastes secreted by the body as part of its many normal processes, but these wastes can severally reduce the body's immunity levels.