Of course, Meghan Markle will have two wedding dresses

As royal wedding fever heats up, so too does speculation over the gown Meghan Markle will wear when she walks down the aisle in front of a global audience on May 19.

  But it turns out that Markle won’t just don one look for her big day but two. Vanity Fair, citing sources close to the actress, reports that the U.S.-born former actress is having two dresses custom-made for her wedding to Prince Harry.One dress will be an elaborate yet traditional bridal gown for the ceremony at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. It will possibly have “some lace and sleeves,” a source told Vanity Fair.

  The other will be something that’s still glamorous but less “restrictive,” and it will be for the evening reception where Markle can “party the night away,” the source said.About 200 guests are expected to attend the reception hosted by Prince Charles at Frogmore House, a royal residence near Windsor Castle. Rumors are circulating that the Spice Girls will serenade the newlyweds and their guests.

  There’s no word yet on who is designing Markle’s wedding gowns. The 36-year-old former “Suits” star is building suspense by keeping that information a secret from both the public and from Prince Harry. The designer’s identity, as well as Markle’s dress, won’t be revealed until “the moment she steps out of her car at St. George’s chapel, which is traditional for royal brides,” Vanity Fair said.

  Still, a frontrunner has emerged as the bride’s chosen designer, Vanity Fair said. That would be the British fashion house Burberry. Markle is said to be a fan of Burberry, as well as good friends with the label’s director of communications. Moreover, the label would represent a patriotic British choice, Vanity Fair added.But lest anyone criticize Markle for the seemingly extravagant choice of having two designer wedding dresses, understand that she’s just riding a trend among affluent brides.

  The New York Times reported in 2016 that an increasing number of brides are buying and wearing two dresses on their wedding day. The reasons mostly have to do with the fact that brides — like Markle — want to be able to wear the more traditional, formal dress for the ceremony, then change into something that’s more comfortable for a reception where there will be dancing and schmoozing.

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Val, a teary-eyed bride, stood on a pedestal, addressing a group of women -- among them a lymphoma therapist, a plastic surgeon, and a best friend -- seated on the plush sofa in front of her. "I've been climbing a hill, and I'm finally up at the top," she said to the entourage. "You've supported me through cancer, but I just wanted to share a joy with you." As the women erupted into a chorus of howls, a sales associate asked the requisite question: "Are you saying 'yes' to the dress?"

  Yes, Val, a subject on the latest season of Say Yes to the Dress, had found a wedding gown, a process that included an emotional roller coaster of frustration at her self-image in other dresses, reflections on her victory over cancer, and an eventual happy ending. This was par for the course for TLC's underestimated reality show, currently in its 16th season of subliminally empowering its female viewers.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses外部リンク | vintage bridesmaid dresses外部リンク

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Gap getting out of bridal business

Gap’s Weddington Way brand, which has operated shops within Banana Republic stores, announced plans to close down within the next few months. Though the company hopes to continuing serving customers online, it will guarantee orders only through June 11.

  The demise of the brand, which focused on bridesmaid dresses, follows J. Crew Group’s decision to shutter its wedding dress business in 2016. David’s Bridal, a chain that sells gowns and accessories, also has struggled — another sign of how perilous the market has become.

  Though the amount that Americans typically spend on weddings has grown over the years, competition and shifting fashion tastes have brought uncertainty to the industry. Worse, marriage rates have fallen since the 1980s. That means everyone is chasing a shrinking pie.

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2018 sloggi ZERO Feel with

2018 sloggi ZERO Feel with the spokesperson tang yan to release the latest spring and summer series.

From April 4 to 6, 2018, Shanghai China international fashion underwear brand sloggi to the first global advertising concept "Unfasten Yourself naked to live for Yourself" as the theme for the spring/summer 2018 ZERO Feel sense of ZERO series experience activity, the event was tied to make no sense of "ZERO space" to bring Chinese female consumers forget comfortable activity experiences, and hope to take this opportunity to introduce more women to Japan's unique technology developed ZERO Feel sense of ZERO series underwear. Activity area in global advertising theme concept for inspiration is divided into four points: 'break the bondage, free cell cover', 'take off the burden, roaming free forward' and 'comfort, zero feeling inspired', 'feelings of oneself, jumping rebirth, encourage women from physical to mental layers release yourself, step by step to review yourself, feel yourself, finally free.

Sloggi was founded in 1979, with the aim of revolutionary innovation, not only in the industry, but also the mainstream underwear brand in Europe. At the same time, a comfortable, contracted for the first target sloggi, ZERO and that is why Feel ZERO feeling series raw and breakthrough, subverts the traditional underwear at home discomfort, reach the state design and functional combination, perfect annotation to comfort priority brand concept. By the Japanese ZERO Feel sense of ZERO series of scientific research and technology of high elastic fabric enables the wearer to enjoy 360 ° pressure move feeling. Ultra-thin, seamless, no steel ring, no hook, no buckle design, is a real scratch.
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Actor zou hanyong's latest

Actor zou hanyong's latest photo shoot shows a great deal of light and ripe fashion.

Recently, actor zou hanhong has revealed a new set of realistic blockbusters. This group of photos of the original fresh and elegant style, the big play "light fashion style" series, the temperament of the show. Lens of her, dressed in a black skirt with shoulder-straps, hair micro disperse show charm, exquisite makeup fashion, perfect control the intense dark red lips, against the background of wine red, deep eyes "to kill" at be particularly suck eyes.

Zou hong-hong, a graduate of the central academy of drama, is an excellent mainland actress. Has noble and elegant charisma she give a person the sense of senior from mundanity, sometimes little smile, and sometimes then you look at me, deduce the changeable nature of temperament "royal elder sister", seem mysterious and charming. With her unique temperament, she is easy to hold the characters of various textures on the big screen, so she has participated in many excellent film and television works. Among them, she had jiacheng liu directed together with yu zhen, fourth in the warmth of TV series "my SEC. Bro, plays spoony sister-in-law QuHuiMin one horn, an age after educated youth, experience bumpy rich female characters, Zou Hanhong with emotional and superb acting the role of deductive astute, success won the recognition of the director and the audience.

Has long been Zou Hanhong in the entertainment industry is very cool, but she never stopped trying to, is always ready to challenge and improve myself in different role acting, counted and deducing the each role. What other wonderful dramas will the show-loving zou bring us? Let's wait and see.Read more at:http://www.queeniebridesmaid.co.uk/purple-bridesmaid-dresses-online外部リンク

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