I noticed the huge lions on either side of the entrance

Francis informed that the right door denoted life and the left door denoted death. Dinner was special with the chef dishing out some lamb chops, duck and steak the Japanese way — called Teppanyaki. Home to the aboriginals, it is told that this is where the military leader Chiang Kai Shek devised plans to capture China. We returned to the pier and took the wooden walkway lined by cherry blossoms. I was curious to know more about the aboriginal tribe.Rathina is a travel blogger with a special interest in food and culture. We cut through the water and reached Lalu Island, which was called Jade Island by the Japanese.

There were two entrances to the main hall.Away from the neon lights and dizzying heigts of Taipei, the heart of Taiwan is a mystical land, says Rathina SankariAre we in Europe ” exclaimed one of the tourists. One side of the block was curved while the other was flat. Temple of life and deathNext morning, I headed to the Wen Wu temple in Shuei-She Village. It is told the aboriginals accidentally found the lake when they were hunting a deer. I had China throttle cable for lawn mower外部リンク arrived at Nantou County in central Taiwan far from the blinding neon lights, skyscrapers and multi-tiered flyovers of Taipei. The lake was a result of a dam constructed in 1931 during the Japanese rule to generate electricity. Taste of cultureIn pursuit of interesting myths and anecdotes, I checked into Fleur de Chine hotel to spend the night. The region surrounded by rolling hills is a paradise with abundant natural beauty, picturesque villages shrouded by curtains of white puffs. That was when Francis mentioned about the Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village in the area.

The AboriginalsAs I walked across the expanse, I reached the pier next to the blue green waters. The vast expanse of a lake shimmered in the sunlight as newlyweds were busy getting their photoshoots done. Inside, devotees first light the incense sticks and place it in the burner. From February to April every year, the cherry trees come to life here and are a riot of different shades of pink. It consecrates Confucius, God of Martial art and Literature. The best way to experience it is by taking a cable car that passes through vast expanses of cherry blossom orchards. I took a ride on one of the solar powered boats. Francis then showed me how one can wish for something and then check with the almighty if it would come true by dropping two blocks of wood on the floor. I wasn’t yet done with Sun Moon Lake.

Over the period the water level rose and it took the shape of a sun and a moon separated by an island called Lalu, hence the name Sun Moon Lake. It’s fascinating legends, interesting culture and history had caught my imagination. Legend states that an unmarried tribal lady got pregnant and hence was shunned by her tribe. Francis Hu, our guide, informed that only the aboriginals are allowed to set foot on this island. Stuffed owls of all sizes hung across shops in Sun Moon Lake for sale. In the distance, I could see a swathe of mist, which had enveloped a mountain that looked like a lady sprawled in a dream. I looked around and sighted the narrow cobbled lanes with cyclists zipping down the alleys. As I climbed the steps which were earlier called ‘Stairway to Heaven’,

I noticed the huge lions on either side of the entrance that denote protection. The helpless lady disappeared into the woods and never returned. The temple itself is beautiful with murals and paintings. When in trouble, they visit this island to talk to their ancestral spirits and find a solution. The smoke emitting from them are said to be the prayers that would eventually reach heaven. If curved surface of both the blocks face up, it means your wish is rejected, both flat sides up means go for another wish, one flat and one curved face up means your wish will come true. But whenever a lady in the tribe got pregnant, an owl would be seen hovering around her hut. They believe that it’s the same woman who returns as an owl to protect other women. So one must enter from the former and exit from the latter — it’s symbolic of conquering death after offering your prayers inside. The Japanese ruled for fifty years in Taiwan which has had major influences on the food, culture and lifestyle of the Taiwanese


The wrap around balcony offers a majestic 270-degree vista

Even for non-skiers, 100 kilometres of winter footpaths enable you to explore the mountains on foot. Landing in Zurich, as much as every tourist from our country does, we headed to Mt. Green meadows with cottages, with a view of glaciers.Each year, the “Cultural Landscape Award” is bestowed upon particularly beautiful and valuable cultural landscapes in the region. Right when we entered, there was a cutout of the famous movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. But the destination which awaited us was even better.Grindelwald is breathtaking — stunning scenery with flowering meadows and the sound of cowbells. Landscapes so breathtaking that you never want to leave. After an hour (or more) of playing with snow and taking different rides in Titlis, we started our journey back to Zurich.

The Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage Site stands for the splendid natural beauty of the Alps. The three regions Grindelwald-First, KleineScheidegg-Männlichen and Mürren-Schilthorn together offer a total of 213 km of ski runs ranging from fast to leisurely, and from six to twelve kilometres in length. A total of more than 40 per cent of the ski runs are equipped with snow-making machines. Around 90 per cent of this area is covered with rocks and ice.Lace-making is still practised by women from the Lauterbrunnen Valley and in Grindelwald, the “Velogemel”, a wooden snow bike - is still produced by hand, according to the original plans dating from 1911. It all seems like you are in a dream. Titlis, 10,000 ft above sea level, a regular fix on the to-do list for a tourist, via Edinburg. It took three cable cars to reach there. My friends Dan and Janine, who are adventure sport photographers from Interlaken, suggested I go to Grindelwald, a quaint little non-crowded destination, but on the Unesco heritage sites list.

The writer is a travel photographer perennialy scouting for unexplored territories. Grindelwald was that place which we can drool over. Pretty as a picture that can be framed for posterity. Together with the support and image cultivation provided by the tourist industry, the award is an incentive for farmers to continue practising sustainable management, and thus helps to preserve the beautiful cultural landscapThe Rubi Family apartment is a modern homage to one of Grindelwald’s famous mountain guides, Adolf Rubi. With green meadows, pretty cottages and blue green water, all we could do was gape awestruck. At its heart lies the impressive Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau rock massif and the glacial landscape surrounding the Great Aletsch Glacier.It may be one of the most explored places in the world, but the Swiss alps manage to surprise and bewilder you at every step, writes Dinesh Madhavan.

The apartment is filled with trophies, artwork, hand crafted Swiss antiques, historical artifacts and actual built-in China cable and wire Manufacturers外部リンク furniture from the original Chalet Alpenblume, which sat on the same site.The Swiss village of Grindelwald, tucked underneath the Eigermountain and hugged by an entire family of surrounding protecting peaks is an escape destination that takes you to a quaint dream world. Don’t missYou can take a gondola or train in any and all directions, then ski down and over to various old chalet restaurants that serve house made bratwurst, rösti (a traditional swiss potato hash with various additions like local swiss cheese, bacon, or an egg), spätzle (delicious and buttery small swiss dumplings sometimes cooked with cheese and carmelized onions), homemade soups, raclette (melted raclette cheese over potatoes served with small pickles), fondue, salads with my favorite dressing, locally brewed beer and many other comforting Swiss specialties.

Imposing mountains, a plethora of leisure activities and a wide range of hotel offerings make the Jungfrau Region (including the resort towns Wengen, Mürren und Lauterbrunnen) a highly desirable vacation destination. Covering an area of 824 square kilometres, the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch contains nearly all of the Bernese High Alps, with their monumental rock massifs. I walked around for a few hours to catch every glimpse of the mountains, until our legs couldn’t anymore. The two hours’ journey was picturesque.

The wrap around balcony offers a majestic 270-degree vista of the entire range of mountains from the Wetterhorn in the east to Mannlichen in the west. The current generation of Rubis has lovingly preserved the family collection and designed the apartment to embody the spirit of the old chalet. Traditional costume dances, flag waving and folk music are an important part of the Jungfrau Region’s cultural life. We had lunch facing the glaciers in a pretty cafe. Much explored, visited, and written about, it still is an absolute thrill to discover as some spots are left untouched by commercial tourism


The app is available on both Android and Apple

You don’t have to worry about Kuri toppling over or falling down a flight of stairs. Apologies accepted, if you thought Kuri was the name of a rising Bollywood starlet. While this is all fantastic, researchers say it isn’t time to throw out our washing machines yet, as they are still testing more conventional stains like ketchup, before it is market ready. Its latest phone, the H2, has a miniaturised near-infrared spectrometer. Kuri is probably the cutest home robot you will see all year. Its wheels are also large enough so it can transition from carpet to floor easily. Kuri quickly learns the layout of your house and navigates around obstacles. Hate doing laundry? Well we have found the perfect clothesline for you.

The app is available on both Android and Apple. Big screens, faster processors, more RAM and better cameras are passé now. For example, the phone can tell you the strawberry you are about to buy is ripe or not just by scanning its components. By doing so the app wants to facilitate a meaningful relationship, rather than the one-off hookups its competitors thrive on. These hot electrons release a burst of energy that degrades organic matter, thus cleaning any stains or grime. The coated cloth reacts to light, which in turn destroys stains and grime in under six minutes. Instead of applying the coating on the textile, RMIT researchers grew them directly on the fabric. The Bumble BFFs section is perfect for when you move to a new city and need to make new friends quick. It could also read your biceps and determine how much muscle mass has been accumulated. The phone can then analyse, read out and determine what the item you have scanned is and what it is made up of. Everything that is read has a unique structure and pattern. It also has a speaker that can be used to play music and read audio books. That’s not all Bumble does.

Every smartphone in the market is trying to distinguish itself from its almost identical competitor. The robot can interact in a very human way, looking at you when touched or responding to you in bleeps and bloops when spoken to. While this may sound like jargon, the work the device does is very real.Hue a sigh of reliefWhether you retire in the suite of a star hotel after a foo-foo fine dine outing or come home to slide into the comfort of your own bed, Philips has been hawking the LED light technology for a while now. The spectrometer shines a near-infrared light on the object and then measures the amount of light reflected back. The social grapevine has not stopped buzzing about Bumble, which is changing the way online dating works, by letting the woman make the first move. Self-cleansing smart clothesA simple hashtag campaign that spells ‘Self Cleaning Clothes’ was started rather humbly but has turned into a coup de foudre.

The device also has a RelaxBreathe mode that uses audio cable types Manufacturers外部リンク breathing and relaxation exercises with their light-guided wind-down function. The device has a choice of eight wake-up sounds all geared towards waking you up as gently as possible. The mode is meant to help get you to sleep by helping you unwind for the day’s activities. An Indian-origin researcher Dr Rajesh Ramanathan and his colleagues from RMIT University in Australia have combined copper and silver 3D nanostructures to textiles to make self-cleaning clothes. Kuri is a tiny robot that will go around your home automatically capturing moments in your daily life. If you aren’t looking for friends, the Bumble Bizz mode can connect you with people in your field creating a platform to find mentors, business partners or job opportunities. The app also provides a platform for users with similar interests to connect and become friends. Its latest innovation, the Somneo Sleep and Wake-up Light, comes in the form of an alarm clock that makes it easy for you to wake up and sleep. Changhong has just taken this fight to the next level.

The 3D nanostructures are great at absorbing light; when they are exposed to light, they receive an energy boost that creates hot electrons. Bumble has over 20 million users so you are bound to find fish in the sea. While there are more researchers out there that have managed to make fabric with nanostructures on them, this team is the first to make it in a process that can be scaled easily.The price in China for the phone is 2,999 Yuan (Rs 29,000 approximately)Your new home buddyWe all know that life is kabhi cushy, kabhi glum, but if you are obsessed with modern technology and upwardly mobile than you probably need to have the adorable Kuri in your life. The alarm clock simulates rising up to daylight and winding down to the sunset.

The device is a little pricey for an alarm clock at Rs 12,800, but can you really put a price on a good night’s sleep? Phone that outsmarts others On social media and red carpets, from Bollywood to Hollywood, intelligent phones are having a mainstream moment. The device houses a FM radio that can play out tunes as you sleep or you can connect your phone with a cable to play your music. Unlike Tinder, Bumble has a photo verification feature where the user has to send a selfie with a specific pose, which is then verified by another human. The process takes just under 30 minutes and can be scaled for industry.Jaison LewisAll that bumble buzzEveryone knows about the revolution Tinder has brought to the dating scene, but there is a new sheriff in town and its name is Bumble. The device could also be used in medicine to weed out counterfeit drugs or detect disease.


Answering and rejecting calls is a single tap while rejecting a call

With these two features, the earphones remain secure and stable without ever worrying about them even slipping out.Design, BuildAvailable in a variety of colours, the Endurance Jump is large with a unique design and screams for attention. This is a great design choice especially for a pair of workout earphones as they do away with the in-line microphone that dangles loosely on one side causing an imbalance. While this would not be an issue for most, we find that the inline module usually distracting, especially during runs or while doing functional training. For a review, we received the JBL Endurance Jump this time and figured that it is this the best workout earphone that you could have. At first, these earphones felt a bit of a task to wear, but once you are used to them, the task is no longer an issue.

The microphone, charging port and touch controls are all housed within in the right earpiece itself, while the batteries are inside the left one. Whether you are a swimmer, runner, a casual jogger or just a daily gym freak, JBL caters for all occasions with the Endurance series with Dive, Sprint, Run and Jump earphones respectively.In steps JBL with their latest line-up of Endurance series earphones that cater to different activities. The JBL Endurance Jump comes with PowerHook design and this is a great addition as it automatically turns the power On/Off while wearing or removing China rca subwoofer cable外部リンク the earphones. This may not seem like much of a deal initially, but with this feature, you can be assured that the earphones stay Off even when they are thrown into your gym bag.

As far as other features go, the earphones sport 10mm drivers that spew a frequency response between 20Hz to 20KHz — a standard for most earphones available in the market.Rating: Being avid workout enthusiasts, Bluetooth headphones have always piqued our interest. The Jump is especially beneficial during weight training as the cable behind the neck doesn’t get pressed on by the bar while doing weighted squats. Read on ahead to find out what appealed us. Lastly, to adjust the volume, simply slide your finger up or down on the right earpiece. To skip a track, simply double tap and to go to a previous track you need to triple tap. This makes the headphone feel like a single unit entirely. After this, complete the setup process on your smartphone. To pair the earphones, all you need to do is extend the PowerHook and touch and hold the right earpiece till it enters pairing mode. .PerformanceThe JBL Endurance Jump quickly became our go-to earphones for all activities and not just during workouts.The earphones come with TwistLock and FlexSoft technologies that make them lightweight and ergonomic. This is a feature across the entire Endurance range and though its pretty normal, it makes it ideal for sweaty conditions.

Answering and rejecting calls is a single tap while rejecting a call is a double tap. Having used a multitude of earphones from top brands, as well as relatively new entrants, we are still on the hunt for that perfect pair of headphones. This may be great for those who like to flaunt their headphones and we found absolutely no fault with that. The feature works with the use of powerful magnets that act as power sensors. While wired headphones probably give us that bit of better audio quality, wireless headphones are the ones that appeal to us the most as they don’t get caught up in gym equipment; and in the process, make us lose our focus. To play or pause music, a single tap on the right earpiece is required. In fact, they are well built and sport a durable exterior.

The Jump is IPX7 certified and can withstand water for up to a metre for around 30 minutes without getting damaged. solely for workouts.Pairing and using the phone is very simple. The earphones are constructed entirely using rubber-encased plastic and they don’t look/feel cheap or tacky. With the Endurance Jump, JBL has added a thicker connecting cable that has a very snug and comfortable fit behind the neck. Being in-canal (or in-ear) earphones, the Jump is designed in a way to ensure ambient noises do not seep in — the earbuds do a brilliant job of isolating ambient disturbances


While thousands of communication satellites are deployed in space

The proposed move may hugely enhance Internet speed in the Northeast and allow more IT-enabled industries, including call centres, to be set up in the region, that already has a sizeable English-speaking population. On the other hand, due to geographical closeness, the northeastern region can have better access of the network from Cox Bazaar landing station in Bangladesh.

While thousands of communication satellites are deployed in space, when it comes to Internet connectivity, cables are far more preferred than satellite links because space communications is time consuming and very costly as compared with latest fibre-optic submarine links that can transmit data at almost the speed of light. At the beginning of 2018, there were about 450 submarine cables in service across the globe extending for more than 1..Traversing the sea bed, fibre-optic submarine communication cables carry telecommunication signals across continents, oceans and seas.2 million km in total length.”

The Cox’s Bazaar Internet gateway has already been accessed by India’s state-run BSNL but the bandwidth has not been brought to Assam and other northeastern states due to high rental costs.New Delhi: In order to harness the infotech potential of the Northeast and to make the region an IT hub, Assam chief minister Sarbananda Sonowal has sought terrestrial cable-linking of the region with Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar rather than rely on the cable connectivity with Mumbai and Chennai.

In an address during a meet on “Act East” policy held in the national capital on Friday, Mr Sonowal said: “India has only two China lawn mower throttle cable factory外部リンク landing stations of the international submarine fibre-optic cable network, which are located at Mumbai and Chennai; both of which are far from Northeast India.“If government of India can consider supporting BSNL in payment of rentals for initial few years, the region would be able to get the requisite high speed connectivity and bandwidth from Cox Bazar to become an IT hub,” the CM added.

aStarting in the 1850s when the cables carried largely traffic for telegraph, and then progressing to telephony and data communications traffic, nowadays the fibre-optic cables carry digital data, which includes telephone, Internet and private data traffic.Besides individuals and governments, users of fibre optic cable links include telecom carriers, mobile operators, multinational corporations, content providers etc.According to figures given out by the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum, 97 per cent of all intercontinental data is carried via such cables