Tie a scarf around your neck to channel your inner diva

Plus, it gives your whole outfit a little bit of professional touch. Furthermore, the more apparel you tie around your waist or throw over your shoulders, the fewer clothing items you need to ball up and stuff into your suitcase.Strong fragrance: Now, I love a good scent but travelling is NOT the time to be experimenting with cologne or perfume. Make sure the make-up is smudge-proof or waterproof. If you MUST, just be careful.

We spoke to style gurus on how to nail the airport look, faux pas and tips. Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra.China Material Handling Equipment Parts外部リンク A simple tank top with jogger pants paired with a statement jacket can elevate your style quotient at a busy terminalGo back to basics: Pair a casual white T-shirt with dark denims. Tight clothes can restrict blood flow in the already-confining space of an airplane seat. While comfort is key, looking chic is essential too.Designer Pria Kataaria Puri: Maintaining in-flight comfort and cleanliness has to be your priority.Designer Karn Malhotra: Avoid makeup or keep it minimal.Avoid high-heels, tight jeans and expensive jewelleryDesigner Ritika Arya Jain: High Heels: Heels are restrictive, and they’ve been said to cause a long list of maladies, from chronic foot pain to hammer toe.Designer Jyoti Sachdev IyerTurtleneck sweater: This kind of structured neck will keep you warm as well as help you make a style statement. Is the reward of showing off your fantastically toned thighs worth the risk of deep vein thrombosis? Ditch the skinny jeans. A pair of studs or a watch is good enough. By wearing breathable fabrics you will allow air and moisture to pass through you. I also suggest picking a bag that will fit in a lot of things without being too heavy to lug around. We learned our lesson from Lady Gaga. Or you can wear a stylish long slit denim skirt with a scoop neckline white tank top. Stay away from polyester, nylon and lycra.Slip-on shoes: A slip-on loafer is a must since it is easy to put back on after a long flight. This look will take you to new heights. Plus, they don’t exactly facilitate a clean exit in case of emergency. Wear roomy outfits in breathable fabrics like cotton.

Tie a scarf around your neck to channel your inner diva. Steer away from flat irons or loose curls or styling. A personal favourite would be the shell carry-ons made from aluminium material, which are extremely light-weight and look fashionable. Be respectful of the other passengers on board — they might have scent allergies or maybe are not a fan of your new favourite scent du jour.Warm-weather clothing: Layers are a traveller’s best weapon against any varying weather conditions.Longline cardigan: This item of clothing allows you to quickly cover up to flaunt a layered get up. Accentuate the look with a quirky bomber.Fashionable touch downDesigner Pallavi MohanFlared jeans: They are back and how! Pair them with a cool comfortable T-shirt and throw on a leather jacket for a perfect balance between comfort and chic.High flying style fileDesigner Simran Arya: Always carry a pair of dark glasses in your carry-on luggage, they are a stylish winner when you land and are looking exhausted.


The countries that have successfully achieved significan

With an objective of achieving zero emission and cutting down oil import bill, the government wants only electric vehicles by 2030. This may seem like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie, but the day is not too far when petrol and diesel become a nylon wheels外部リンク thing of the past as the policymakers intend to go fully electric. “We need plenty of charging stations across the country, that too efficient systems. The car will feature both slow AC charging and fast DC charging, with a range of 350 km on a single charge.The spectacular line-up of cars gave a glimpse into the future and also underlined the growing interest in EVs. The car uses same electric motor that Renault uses in its Formula E car to deliver 350 hp and 380 Nm torque.  The car uses two batteries and a brake-operated energy recovery system.

A swanky car pulls in to a ‘charging station’ on a highway and parks on top of a magnetic pad for about 10 minutes while the driver enjoys a cup of coffee. It may accommodate a second row of seats as it reaches production form in India around 2020. (The spokesperson doesn’t want to be identified as the company’s government tender result is awaited) In countries where EVs have already made a penetration, manufacturers have made huge investments in developing wireless charging systems.. It has got a set of four in-wheel electric motors that controls the four wheels independently. Wonder why? Sample this: There are two black screens at the front and rear to display messages to other drivers and also show the electric charge status! The smartness doesn’t end there. It boasts a range of over 140 km per charge, and optional fast charging which can extend its range by 80% in less than an hour. The countries that have successfully achieved significant EV penetration (such as Norway and China) have provided sizeable and tangible incentives to the end customers as well as their respective OEMs over a considerable period.  Spotting an electric vehicle on India roads is a rare sight.Renault TrezorIt goes from 0 to 100 km in less than four seconds! The two-seater electric car with autonomous capabilities remains one of the highly-anticipated products from the French manufacturers stable. It has a clamshell-style roof which opens up like a single canopy, hinging forward, is a spectacle. However, with the revision of the GST slabs last year that put hybrids in the highest tax bracket, the Korean carmaker decided to pull the plug on that plan. Mercedes-Benz India managing director, Roland Folger, is one such who felt the all-electric move would be more counter-productive in terms of additional power demand.2sec, with a top speed of 165kph. Tata E-VisionThe all-electric sedan turned many a petrolhead including former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone at the 88th International Geneva Motor Show in March for its futuristic concept, attractive exteriors and luxurious interiors.

THE ASIAN AGE.  A fleet of EVs that various manufacturers showcased during the Delhi Auto Expo 2018 has raised hopes. The niche segment would get a much-needed push when Tesla, which has been closely monitoring the Indian market, makes it’s entry. Smartphones and a variety of other electronic devices can be connected to the vehicle to display information on the topography, nearby vehicles, weather, and more. As the  future is not only electric but also connected, the e-KUV100 boasts smart phone connectivity, remote diagnostics, cabin pre-cooling, location tracking.  Another in-built feature is capable of monitoring the driver’s emotional well-being and make choices and recommendations such as music. Resembling the open-top Gypsy, the quirky-looking e-Survivor is a compact electric SUV with four-wheel drive and designed with a two-seater configuration. “To compensate this, government incentives are key to drive EV adoption in the country.  While the Indian auto makers including Maruti started investing big on latest electric technologies in an effort to meet the government’s vision, a few critics suggested that hydrogen would be the future and not electricity. Hyundai had plans to launch the hybrid version of the Ioniq in India. The car is expected to hit the roads globally in 2020.

The American company is the manufacturer of the world’s best-selling plug-in EVs.According to Grand Thornton CII report, India lags in the availability of infrastructure with only 353 charging stations spread across the country and concentrated mostly in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Nagpur and Mumbai. In India, another key factor is the cost of EVs which are higher as compared to conventional engine primarily due to the higher battery cost. “While the availability of chargers and related standards can still be addressed, the land acquisition and last mile power infrastructure is the major hurdle,” said a Tata Motors spokesperson. Its claimed range stands at 280km per charge. Only when you have them ready, can you win the confidence of consumers as well as the manufacturers,” he said.  Tutu Dhawan, a Delhi-based auto expert and founder of Heritage Motoring Club of India, says the biggest challenge for India’s ‘e vision 2030’ would be developing infrastructure. Only Mahindra’s e-Verito and e2o small electric cars are on sale and Tata Tigor Electric is set to roll out soon.” Though this model is in pre-production line, it has garnered a lot of attention from auto enthusiasts. Tata Motors and Mahindra supplied the first order and are eagerly awaiting the outcome of another multi-crore tender.   Maruti e-SurvivorIt’s meant to be a go-anywhere vehicle of the future. Hyundai Ioniq EVPowered by an electric motor that produces the equivalent of 120hp and 295Nm of torque, Ioniq zooms to 100km in 10.Its unique SUV design coupled with a compact footprint means it can go anywhere, while its silent drive coupled with auto transmission offers a relaxing and fatigue-free drive in chaotic city traffic.  It has ladder frame and lightweight compact body which the manufacturer says will help achieve outstanding drivability and durability on rugged roads.


The opportunity to travel to it finally arrived and there

In spite of overhauls and bombing damages sustained during the War, the historic complex retains much of its original charm. The square is synonymous with the City of London and a point located here signifies the geometric centre of the city. The 17th-century obelisk is a soaring Doric column standing close to the site where the fire broke out, a fitting tribute to London’s resurgence post the catastrophe. Soaked in the imperial splendour of the Crown, the seat of the Royal family finds mention on every visitor’s itinerary. The opportunity to travel to it finally arrived and there was no looking back. Situated near the Tower of London, it was awe-inspiring to watch the Gothic style double-leafed bascule bridge rise to provide way for a passing ship.Admiralty Arch, a landmark building in London designed by Aston Webb, which incorporates an archway providing road and pedestrian access between The Mall and Trafalgar Square.The Shard, a towering 300-meter-tall steel and glass behemoth designed by master architect Renzo Piano. The site manifests as the historic north-eastern gateway to the https://www.tzcasters.com/nylon-wheel/ nylon wheels City of London. (Photo: Baikunth Nath Sinha)The Buckingham Palace undoubtedly ranks amongst the most popular tourist destinations in London.The Big Ben and parts of Palace of Westminster, which houses the Parliament of the United Kingdom, on the north bank of the River Thames in the City of Westminster, in central London. Next on our list was the Monument to the Great Fire of London. Be it the Lyceum Theatre with its powerful Roman appeal or the museum-lined Exhibition Road, the city has crafted a fine balance juxtaposing its glorious past with the inevitable demands of future. (Photo: Pixabay)There is no better way to explore London than on foot, for architectural marvels steeped in history abound every nook and corner.Also Read: Heritage diaries: Exploring the world’s architecture capital – PragueLuckily, a friend residing in the city, an architect by profession, volunteered to be my guide. It invites the eye to stare and trace up along with the swirling lines of its diagrid structural bracing.River Thames, with its sparkling banks and the popular tourist attraction, London Eye, an observation wheel on the South Bank in London. The Shard’s arrival has spurred overall growth in its neighbourhood, reviving the London Bridge area and drawing hordes of visitors.Leadenhall Market, one of the oldest markets in London dating back to the 14th century, is located in the historic centre of the City of London financial district. The city has always held a special place in my heart, starting with images conjured up by incredibly vivid descriptions in the Sherlock Holmes series, to reading about its global urban influences in architecture school. The monument has stood the test of time, surviving the London fire, as well as multiple bombings.. The reverence for heritage in London is profound, with buildings forging an intrinsic relationship with each other, and evolving together to allow the World Capital to thrive. The gigantic concourse and train sheds constructed with wrought iron, now reinforced with modern technology, continue to evoke the nostalgia of early Victorian architecture. The lit gothic-style Tower Bridge, one of London's oldest landmarks at sunset.On the South Bank of the Thames stand the ruins of the Winchester Palace, the stronghold of the erstwhile bishops of Manchester.

Discover the treasure trove of London's history through its architectural masterpieces. One can spend an entire month in the British melting pot, yet be unable to soak in the sheer volume of heritage architecture.To describe London’s architecture is like flipping through a tome of history, each page encompassing centuries worth of artistic and scientific discourse, guided by numerous religious beliefs, cultures, movements and monarchical influences, peppered with major watershed moments. (Photo: Pixabay)From many vantage points around the city, The Shard, a towering 300-meter-tall steel and glass behemoth designed by master architect Renzo Piano seemed to beckon, its pyramidal, razor-sharp silhouette slicing the skyline and tapering to an apex, left ‘open’ for practical and symbolic reasons.A London holiday remains incomplete without a visit to the iconic Tower Bridge. Checking out of the premises, we were greeted by the typical overcast, gloomy English weather.

King’s Cross may steal the limelight, but Paddington Station in Central London has its share of stunning architecture, undergoing a series of upgrades and renovations to accommodate intensifying passenger footfall. The feeling dissipated rapidly as the city engulfed us in its overwhelming drama. The bustling Trafalgar Square, in the City of Westminster, Central London, built around the area formerly known as Charing Cross.Yet another construction that has undergone massive transformation and reconstruction is the Shakespeare’s Globe, which hosts performances throughout summer.

Trafalgar Square, at the heart of London, has been a mute witness to celebrations, demonstrations, protests, as well as a bloodbath.Like many other castles and palaces that dot the boroughs of this metropolis, The Buckingham Palace has evolved considerably over centuries, its form and planning undergoing major transitions in the 19th and 20th centuries. Churches, palaces, castles and mansions, built over centuries, stand in stark contrast to modern glass-sheathed edifices, creating an indelible impression. We had to carefully chalk out a travel itinerary to figure out a comprehensive London experience. Sitting atop the highest point in all of London, the inside of the church is a visual spectacle, featuring intricate mosaics on the ceiling.Piercing the skyline in a stunning display of magnificence, the unmistakable dome of St Paul’s rose above the city, an exemplar of Neo-Palladian architecture, which had cemented its popularity in 18th century England. Standing in proximity was the 30 St Mary Axe tower by Foster and Partners, popularly known as The Gherkin. The neoclassical masterpiece has a commanding presence, nestled in the centre of one of the largest private gardens in the city. The landmark’s twin towers have fascinated me since childhood.


The stubby front beak, radiator shrouds

The bike also features a Telelever front fork which has been developed by Sachs specifically for BMW.The massive exhaust muffler, large split saddle and chunky forks endows the bike with an aura of authority. Engine:The biggest update on the 2017 BMW R 1200 GS is the fact that it is now Euro 4 emission norm compliant. The chassis has been designed to offer good rigidity, to handle stress. Pricing & Rivals:BMW has launched both the R 1200 GS and the R 1200 GSA in our two-wheeler market. There is also provision to fix an aftermarket GPS system and socket for power source. The mill is mated to a 6-speed transmission and power is sent to the rear wheel via a shaft drive system. Anchorage is offered by a 305mm dia dual-disc brake clamped by 4- piston radial calipers at the front, while a 276mm dia disc with double-piston floating caliper does duty at rear. This system eliminates “fork dive” that is associated with long travel suspension under hard braking. The engine has been used as a stressed member to ensure a low centre of gravity and improve its handling dynamics.5 lakh while the Dynamic+ model has been priced at Rs 20. The air/liquid-cooled motor develops 126. The stock headlight is halogen, but BMW also offers LED auxiliary lights as an optional extra.

The stubby front beak, radiator shrouds, headlamp cowl, chiselled tank are few of the design highlights of the bike. The BMW R 1200 GS is a rubber wheels Manufacturers外部リンク versatile and reliable motorcycle. And the increasing popularity of performance adventure tourer bikes in India has led BMW Motorrad to officially introduce it in the country. However, in our two-wheeler space, the BMW R 1200 GSA competes with the Triumph Tiger XCA and the Ducati Multistrada Enduro. At the back, a Paralever system takes care of damping duties. It is an improved version of BMW’s single-sided rear-suspension technology and decouples torque reaction as the suspension compresses and extends, thereby eliminating the bike’s tendency to squat under braking, reducing tyre chatter. The standard BMW R 1200 GSA retails for Rs 17. The large windscreen can also be adjusted manually. Introduced in 2004, it is BMW Motorrad’s highest- selling motorcycle and currently, it rules the adventure motorcycle segment. While a conventional fork’s rake angle and trail decrease as the fork compresses, the Telelever’s rake angle and trail increase as the suspension moves from full extension toward full compression. Semiactive Dynamic ESA suspension is an optional extra in which two sensors register the vertical movements of the wheel suspension and transfer their data to a controller that adapts the damper characteristics to offer plush ride quality. It has a mass forward design language and the designers have clearly focused their attention on the front-end of the bike.

Zigwheels.5 lakh.9 lakh and the Pro variant can be yours for Rs 21.9 lakh while the Dynamic+ has been priced at Rs 19 lakh and the top-spec Pro version carries a sticker price of Rs 19. Among the most talked about features on the new BMW R 1200 GS is the Hill Start Control system that prevents the rider from rolling back on inclines by means of a targeted intervention in the partially integrated ABS brake system, without the brake lever having to be permanently depressed.The BMW R 1200 GS is one of the most popular adventure motorcycles worldwide. The asymmetrical headlamp looks unique and is among the key design elements of the motorcycle and now they feature LED daytime Running Lights. To make the engine even cleaner, a new catalytic converter has been added.7PS at 7,750rpm and peak torque of 125Nm at 6,500rpm. For the 2017 model, BMW designers have improved the knee area ergonomics for better off-road comfort. The “telelever” system can be lucidly put as an “A” arm or “wishbone” that’s been mounted to the sliders just above the wheel. The bike is powered by the iconic boxer engine displacing 1,170cc. BMW engineers have also added a judder damper on the transmission output shaft.

The new additions to make the bike Euro 4 emission norm compliant has increased the kerb weight of the BMW motorcycle from 238kg to 244kg. Cycle Parts:For the bike to handle all the abuses both on and off-road, BMW has equipped the bike with a tubular steel bridge-type frame. The BMW R 1200 GS will be offered in two versions in India - standard and adventure with the latter featuring spoked wheels, longer travel suspension, larger tank, engine guards and off-road tyres to distinguish itself from the standard bike visually.4 lakh (all prices are ex-showroom, Delhi). The base variant of the BMW R 1200 GS retails for Rs 15. When Hill Start Control is activated, the pressure in the rear brake system is built up so that the motorcycle remains stationary on an incline and the rider can touch the ground with both feet. It also features Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), dynamic brake light and cornering ABS which come under options


Watching a retrospective of senior artists

These figures are not gender specific but could be either male to male or male-female or female to female.com. The key point is the embrace with or by others is immaterial. He is from that generation of artists who still carry a drawg book and advise their students to do the same and I must say to great impact for this very sound advice.  Krishan has traversed many media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, installations — even before the word became fashionable! I loved two installations of the Safaiwallah: Caring for Environment and The Chair. Krishan has been a popular teacher for years and has many students whom he has mentored. There is something fascinating about the nai and I remember we used to get enthralled by the sheer act of shaving and the soap suds! These manifestations of China nylon wheels Manufacturers外部リンク traditional professions are eternally mesmerising but are fast disappearing remnants of the paradigm shift of a lifestyle. Some phases one may have seen other were either before your time or one missed for some reason. There is something about some of the figures that can be reminiscent of Tyeb Mehta too. Here his genre is akin to the Santiniketan style of painting landscapes. They are well-known artists themselves now so it is even more interesting to see how many students must have been influenced by his work.

Watching a retrospective of senior artists is like walking part of the journey with them, meandering through their special l moments, their milestones, their influences and influencers, their raison de etre, the phases that made them what they are, some steps taken might not have footprints that lead anywhere, some footprints are so indelible that they have become landmarks. I wish more people would do that — after all, it is of historical importance.

There are any number of works that are of people hugging, embracing, entwining in tight embraces that almost seem melded together warmly. The artist’s treatment of the human figure renders it gender non-specific but there is also interesting embracing of the same figure enveloping and embracing itself too. The artist’s treatment of the human figure renders it gender non-specific but there is also interesting embracing of the same figure enveloping and embracing itself too. “I am a person who is essentially a romantic at heart. A mirror opposite the barber’s chair completes the picture and herein lies the catch – what the mirror reflects is all important. A number of the impactful works that he has chosen to exhibit are from this phase. This quest for perfection shows up in his water colours too, where his treatment is almost a precursor to his subsequent journey into the human figures. and he, by them for I believe that influence is always a two-way street.

The artist dressed up the wheel burrow with fairy lights to make the statement of how often what is essentially kachhra is dressed up prettily!The Chair is a take on the semi urban-semi rural nai or roadside barber as he attempts to impart a semblance of dignity and even luxury to the proceedings by parking his clients on a wooden chair complete with a makeshift neck and head rest that is adjustable but in a very elementary and completely manual sort of way.These thoughts came unbidden as I looked at artist Krishan Ahuja’s retrospective that concluded earlier last week. His images of Delhi and its life are captured with great affection for the place and its people. “Yes, some people have given me this feedback but it must be sub-conscious and not active at all. But having said that, how can anyone remain unaffected by other arts and artists? If you see even music of an era, there are similarities so visual impact is even greater. I believe in relationships across genders and my work tends to reflect it,” says Krishan.  The other big component of Krishan’s retrospective was his journey in printmaking

How can one remain untouched?” he asks. The Safaiwallah installation is a wheel barrow with photographs pasted on it of the metaphoric kachhra it is used to lift.Dr Alka Raghuvanshi is an art writer, curator and artist and can be contacted on alkaraghuvanshi@yahoo. The one aspect that clearly stands out in his work is his attitude of a people’s person. Photography as a medium has found many followers in this digital era but earlier when people clicked photos, every exposure was precious.  With the typical precision of a teacher, Krishan has lovingly kept safe his photos of various phases that reflect his voyage and relationships with other artists of his times that he has brought out in a beautifully published catalogue