The most beautiful wedding dress to make the perfect bride


the most beautiful wedding dress to make the perfect bride

Beautiful wedding dress can wear a noble perfect woman, a pick up for themselves for bestie suitable Yiyi!

Sweet Princess Wedding Dress

Eugen yarn air wedding, was covered waist belly, charming lace, let you be the most beautiful bride. Lace shoulder flower design Art beats nature., full of mysterious hazy, highlighting the extraordinary temperament.

Red single shoulder wedding dress

The single shoulder red dress is one of the most popular styles this year. It is discontent with flowers and water drill in single room, down wrinkles on the chest and flowers on both sides. The irregular skirt gives out the breath of youth. It is very durable. The favorite wedding dress of the light Cougar

Lace hollowed out wedding dresses

Elegant round collar design with a very delicate design with lace, wearing a very elegant and fashionable flexibility, waist repair waist belt highlights the curve, this year is a very popular wedding dress, simple and not simple.

Short double shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Pure hand - made fashion bow, the perfect display of women's noble temperament, very concise trimming, with the invisible zipper back design, the perfect waist. Sexy beauty is the best choice for girlfriends.

Red Bridesmaid Bridesmaid Wedding Dress

Korean Short waisted dresses, sexy, either the bride or Bridesmaid can wear. The fashionable bra style shows sexy clavicle, simple but graceful, and lovely bow, which adds a little sense of wit.

Korean Bridal Bridesmaid Dress

The delicate and exquisite wrinkle design on the chest adds a hint of sweet quality, plus the decoration of the beads and sequins, which makes you shine. The gauze skirt to increase the aesthetic atmosphere, Korean lace skirt bra is suitable for wedding dress.

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Beauty goes farther than being just skin deep


Using natural methods is the best way to achieve a beautiful glowing skin. Meditation is the superb inner phenomenon that reflects radiance and glow naturally, enhancing beauty of a person’s face.

Skin is the most visible manifestation of beauty. Make it full of life, vital with energy and radiance by way of meditation. The beauty of meditation is that your body is the focal point and conscious breathing accelerates the cleansing of the entire body and mind, leaving skin refreshed and charged up providing a sheen on your face.

Do you think meditation could rid you of spots and pimples? Yes, it’s true! Skin disorders are often linked with improper working of mind. Most of them are related to stress that accumulates and disturbs hormonal and enzyme balance of the body.

You can send healing energy to your body and skin through meditation. This healing energy makes you calm and thus content. The effect becomes apparent on the face. The outer expressions of stress like pimples and acnes get reduced. It is a powerful way that makes you feel light, restoring harmony and balance in your constitution. It greatly influences how bright your inner light. The more you meditate, the more you radiate.

Unhappiness, anger, frustration, depression or worries make your face dull. Get yourself some peace and unbeatable joy. Nothing can beat meditation in achieving it. Meditation slows the aging process naturally helping retaining youthfulness and freshness that makes you feel more beautiful and confident. It provides an opportunity to smile and a beautiful smile completes your look. Smile is essential not only to add beauty to your face but to add exquisiteness to the world as well.

Here’s a simple yet effective meditation technique. Close your eyes, concentrate on every organ starting with legs and move upward – concentrate on the flow of air in and out of the body – watch your breath flow in and out with the awareness of your skin. This technique will surely rejuvenate your skin.

The secret of beauty lies in meditation. It gently nourishes the skin, helping it relax and breathe better. It certainly will leave you with a radiating skin!Read more at: |


A bride has wowed her wedding guests


A bride has wowed her wedding guests - and the internet - by turning to her groom’s ex in her vows.

But rather than cause an awkward scene, bride Katie Hild gave an emotional speech expressing her love for her husband Jeremy’s ex-wife.

By marrying Jeremy, Katie became step-mother to Landon, Jeremy’s son from his previous marriage to Casey.

Casey is now in a relationship with a man named Tyler but the four parents seem to coexist harmoniously.

“I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend,” Katie says to Casey in her vows. She also promised to “guide, teach and love” Landon every day.

A video of the vows posted online reveals that many of the wedding guests were moved to tears by the speech, and it has now gone viral.

The post has had nearly 10,000 reactions on Facebook, with many people impressed by Katie’s attitude.

“This was absolutely beautiful,” one woman wrote. “Kudos to this wonderful and special family and as for the bride, she’s one of a kind!”

Katie explained her thinking too.

“Co-parenting means sharing the duties of a child,” Katie said. “So, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I not only vowed to Jeremy. I gave a vow to Casey and Tyler. Then I vowed to Landon, and then to Jeremy.

“I wasn’t just going into a marriage with Jeremy and needed his trust and respect, but I needed Casey's and Tyler's, too. One thing I promised, was to be ONE family, always. I know without hesitation, we will never break that promise.

“I know I can speak for us all, parenting is hard yet amazing; but co-parenting? It’s a blessing. It was the hardest and best four years of my life. It takes true understanding and support from the ones who love you.

“Everyone facing custody problems, acceptance, understanding, relationship problems, etc; we get it. Not everyone gets the luxury of having a relationship like we formed; but it's possible to get along, communicate, and give the same rules/love/respect on both sides for your child/children.

“Go against the norm. BE that CHANGE.”

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Being Cheap is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing


Frugal. Prudent. Shrewed. These, among so many other words, are terms people who would ordinarily be referred to as ‘cheap’ use to describe themselves today. And can you really blame them for using these fancy words? There is a sort of negative connotation to the word “cheap”. Actually, some would refer to the word as straight-up offensive.

It is such a dirty, disgusting word because, somehow, being cheap automatically means the person is not very successful or the person is stingy “aka gum” …and if we are being honest, we hate such people in this country.

An undeniable norm in our society, most people can no longer be cheap and have peace. We tend to purchase and consume things for the benefit of our social status. We constantly pretend we have more money than we actually have in the bank just to impress onlookers. And even when we want to accept our fate, humble ourselves and cut our coat according to the material we have earned, the banks tell us it’s okay to buy now and pay later. You disregard the responsible plan you made to save money for the professional courses needed to climb higher on your professional ladder; instead you take a loan to buy a Hyundai and rent an apartment at Chevron.

Even more, you are already in a tight corner trying to pay off the loan, yet you say “yes” to friends when they call and invite you to expensive restaurants or bars. You imagine them shaking their head and laughing at you when you refuse or go out and refuse to eat or drink insist and you cringe. The way you see it, you cannot afford to humble yourself and opt out, even if you wanted to. They wouldn’t get it. They would just assume you are being completely unreasonable … or worse, they label would you cheap and ostracize you. And God forbid you exist in a world without lavish friends.

There is a secret which people who avoid being labeled “cheap” do not know: being cheap is not as bad as it seems. Actually, the ‘cheap” people you know and berate, essentially, have more money than you (that is patching a fake life) do, and they are probably happier as well. Yes. The ones, who only buy items when they are on discount or close to expiry date, wear the same wig for a year and a half, and ‘codedly’ earn 500k a month but still jump bus. Those ones. They are actually living a better and more enjoyable life than you are. Sucks, right?

Believe it or not, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being openly selective about what you spend your money on. If anything, being cheap is amazing! It grants you a lot of freedom. You are free from the exhaustion that comes with living a fake life or having to keep up appearances, and you do not suffer the heartburn that comes from comparing yourself with peers or trying to meet up to standards. You can boldly go to Yaba, bend down, pick clothes and take selfies while you are at it. That way there is no need to claim you bought it from a boutique or look for a lie to tell when it so happens there is a small discolouration on the shoulder. You are not bogged down by the fact that your friends traveled to Dubai just to shop for your own wedding. You can’t be bothered about what they do their money. You quit caring about such things a long time ago. In the end, you are the one getting married and more, you will all look fabulous anyway…cloth is cloth…no headaches allowed.

If you even think about it, being fashionable and following trends is time-consuming, it goes against your mission if you are keen on making the things that you do have last longer. Also you could invest the extra time spent on shopping an all that on other things that really matter like building your career, starting that business e.t.c.

It is no wonder cheap people actually get out the rat race faster than others. Their ‘cheap’ habits allow them to save and start their own business, chase their passions or just change fruitless careers quickly with little consequence. They understand the value of money. They know how to make a budget and stick to it. They always have money left over from earnings for savings, so their financial well-being is usually tight. They are first to know where the good sales are. In fact, they hardly every pay full price for anything because they are good negotiators, and can get fabulous for less.

Cheapskates may seem tacky and possibly even come off as gauche, but at the end of the day, they are the ones who really get the happy ending in life. Being cheap may not be trendy, sexy or even brilliant, but it could be the difference between the life you have now and the life you want. If you can find a way to embrace being cheap, your problems are half solved already.Read more at: |


Melbourne Fashion Week


fashion lovers set to blush during event

Move over "millennial pink" because blush is taking the reins as the flesh-toned colour of summer.

Models wearing the colour du jour will take to the catwalk at twilight on Friday under the stars – and a couple of overpasses – as Little Bourke Street plays host to the Emporium Runway for the launch of Melbourne Fashion Week.

Stylist Emily Ward, who is responsible for the looks in Friday's show, said the colour can intimidate some people but hopefully the looks shown in the parade will prove blush is just a neutral friend consumers haven't met.

"It can look amazing on unexpected combinations, like on a redhead," Ms Ward said.

But not all blushes are created equal. Cooler tones look good on complexions with yellow undertones, while pinky undertones should swing towards warmer hues.

"Punctuate with a burgundy or red lip or black accessories so it doesn't look too ethereal," Ms Ward said.

Ms Ward said the Emporium show is curated differently to the designer runways through next week to be the "key looks for the season".

"There are a lot of personalities to cover off. That's right for fashion at the moment, it's all about democratisation and not having one point of view," she said.

Melbourne Fashion Week kicks off on Friday night with a major shopping festival, which is sponsored by Vogue magazine.

Over the next seven days, the Town Hall precinct and other city venues will play host to parades, talks and live sites aimed at boosting Melbourne's reputation as the fashion capital of Australia.

The event is also trying to earn the title of the most diverse fashion event in the country, with models of different ages, shapes and ethnicities taking to the runway.

The diversity is reflected in the four "faces" of this year's festival, including Ajak Deng and size 12 model Stefania Ferrario​.

While fashion week is a ticketed event, there are plenty of free events including the Creative Collective exhibition at the Town Hall and a free show at Collins Place on Friday evening. Remember, first in best dressed.

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