Alternative Wedding Fair comes to Nottingham

A brand new wedding event with an alternative twist is coming to Nottingham and it will be the largest of its’ kind in the East Midlands. Tying the Nott is a wedding fair created to offer an eclectic range of wedding suppliers who are catering to couples who want something unique for their big day.

The event will be held at the National Justice Museum on Sunday 25th February 2018. It will run from 11am until 4pm and will feature catwalk shows, live music, demonstrations and workshops as well as a huge selection of local and Midlands based wedding suppliers. The event will be showcasing products and services for weddings of all styles and themes with an eclectic array of businesses showcasing what they have to offer those planning their nuptials.

Hosted by Caroline Walsh of the wedding styling company The Wedding Alchemist and Susi Henson of Eternal Spirits who create unique bespoke bridal gowns and lingerie have a combined 20 years in the wedding industry.

“Susi and I met exhibiting at wedding fairs and felt that wasn’t enough on offer for those that were looking for something unique and so Tying the Nott was created. We are excited to open the doors to this event in February where bride and grooms to be able to find unique local wedding suppliers who have so much to offer and we hope everyone has a great time. It’s also great to be holding the event at the National Justice Museum as it’s such an incredible venue.” – Caroline Walsh.

Tying the Nott

Whether you are just curious about what’s on offer for your wedding day or you are having a themed wedding such as medieval or fantasy, boho or rockabilly, gothic or every colour in the rainbow then this is the wedding event to come to. Tying the Nott will be throughout most of the National Justice Museum which means visitors get to see quite a bit of the venue as well as the police cells and court room where the fashion show will be held.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/sexy-wedding-dresses | http://www.sheindressau.com/strapless-wedding-dresses-au


Beauty goes farther than being just skin deep


Using natural methods is the best way to achieve a beautiful glowing skin. Meditation is the superb inner phenomenon that reflects radiance and glow naturally, enhancing beauty of a person’s face.

Skin is the most visible manifestation of beauty. Make it full of life, vital with energy and radiance by way of meditation. The beauty of meditation is that your body is the focal point and conscious breathing accelerates the cleansing of the entire body and mind, leaving skin refreshed and charged up providing a sheen on your face.

Do you think meditation could rid you of spots and pimples? Yes, it’s true! Skin disorders are often linked with improper working of mind. Most of them are related to stress that accumulates and disturbs hormonal and enzyme balance of the body.

You can send healing energy to your body and skin through meditation. This healing energy makes you calm and thus content. The effect becomes apparent on the face. The outer expressions of stress like pimples and acnes get reduced. It is a powerful way that makes you feel light, restoring harmony and balance in your constitution. It greatly influences how bright your inner light. The more you meditate, the more you radiate.

Unhappiness, anger, frustration, depression or worries make your face dull. Get yourself some peace and unbeatable joy. Nothing can beat meditation in achieving it. Meditation slows the aging process naturally helping retaining youthfulness and freshness that makes you feel more beautiful and confident. It provides an opportunity to smile and a beautiful smile completes your look. Smile is essential not only to add beauty to your face but to add exquisiteness to the world as well.

Here’s a simple yet effective meditation technique. Close your eyes, concentrate on every organ starting with legs and move upward – concentrate on the flow of air in and out of the body – watch your breath flow in and out with the awareness of your skin. This technique will surely rejuvenate your skin.

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A bride has wowed her wedding guests


A bride has wowed her wedding guests - and the internet - by turning to her groom’s ex in her vows.

But rather than cause an awkward scene, bride Katie Hild gave an emotional speech expressing her love for her husband Jeremy’s ex-wife.

By marrying Jeremy, Katie became step-mother to Landon, Jeremy’s son from his previous marriage to Casey.

Casey is now in a relationship with a man named Tyler but the four parents seem to coexist harmoniously.

“I want to thank you for accepting me as your friend,” Katie says to Casey in her vows. She also promised to “guide, teach and love” Landon every day.

A video of the vows posted online reveals that many of the wedding guests were moved to tears by the speech, and it has now gone viral.

The post has had nearly 10,000 reactions on Facebook, with many people impressed by Katie’s attitude.

“This was absolutely beautiful,” one woman wrote. “Kudos to this wonderful and special family and as for the bride, she’s one of a kind!”

Katie explained her thinking too.

“Co-parenting means sharing the duties of a child,” Katie said. “So, I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I not only vowed to Jeremy. I gave a vow to Casey and Tyler. Then I vowed to Landon, and then to Jeremy.

“I wasn’t just going into a marriage with Jeremy and needed his trust and respect, but I needed Casey's and Tyler's, too. One thing I promised, was to be ONE family, always. I know without hesitation, we will never break that promise.

“I know I can speak for us all, parenting is hard yet amazing; but co-parenting? It’s a blessing. It was the hardest and best four years of my life. It takes true understanding and support from the ones who love you.

“Everyone facing custody problems, acceptance, understanding, relationship problems, etc; we get it. Not everyone gets the luxury of having a relationship like we formed; but it's possible to get along, communicate, and give the same rules/love/respect on both sides for your child/children.

“Go against the norm. BE that CHANGE.”

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Kasal, halikan nina Gerald at Kim trending

TRENDING kahapon ang kasal nina Kim Chiu at Gerald Anderson. But wait, hindi po sa totoong buhay ‘yan nangyari ha, kundi sa kanilang daytime drama series na Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin.

Pinakilig nina Gerald at Kim ang kanilang mga fans sa naganap na wedding nina Bianca Agbayani at Gabriel Vilario, ang kanilang mga karakter sa nasabing serye mula sa Dreamscape Entertainment.

Talagang inabangan ng manonood ang pag-iisang dibdib ng dalawa sa episode ng ILAI kahapon kaya naman waging-wagi rin ito sa social media matapos itong maging trop trending topic sa Twitter with the hashtag #ILAIPagbubuklod.

Pinag-usapan din ng mga netizen ang naging wedding vows nina Bianca at Gabriel na tumagos sa puso ng manonood.

“Sa wakas, sa harap ng Diyos at sa harap ng taong nagmamahal sa atin, masasabi ko na ang nararamdaman ko para sa iyo. Bianca, ikaw ang unang babaeng nagpatibok ng puso ko. Sinamahan mo ako para maabot ko ang mga pangarap ko.

“Pero ang totoo niyan ikaw ang pinakamalaking pangarap ko. Makabuo ng pamilya kasama ka, wala nang hihigit pa doon. I love you mahal na mahal kita,” sabi ni Gabriel kay Bianca.

Sagot naman ng bride, hinding-hindi niya iiwan ang kanyang asawa, “Gusto kong magpasalamat sa iyo dahil hindi mo ako sinukuan simula noong una tayong nagkakilala. Kahit na ayaw kong makipagkaibigan sa iyo.

“Noong nahulog ako sa tubig at lumusong ka para tulungan ako, ‘yun na ang simula nang pagiging Superman mo ng buhay ko. ‘Yung puwede kong sandalan.

“Pero alam ko higit pa doon ang gusto mo. Gusto mo maging karamay natin ang bawat isa. ‘Yun bang pwede kang humugot ng lakas sa akin at ganoon din ako sa iyo.

“Kaya nangangako ako sa Diyos at sa lahat ng taong nagmamahal sa atin, na ako ang magiging karamay at kakampi mo sa lahat ng problemang darating sa buhay natin dahil mahal na mahal kita,” sey pa ni Bianca.

Ang tanong, tuloy-tuloy na kaya ang kaligayahan ng bagong kasal o ito pa lang ang simula ng mga bagong pagsubok sa kanilang buhay? Tutukan ang pagpapatuloy ng Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin sa ABS-CBN bago mag-Showtime.

Speaking of Kim Chiu, umabot na raw sa P51.5 million ang kinita ng kanyang horror movie na “The Ghost Bride” simula nang mag-showing ito noong Nov. 1.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-adelaide | http://www.sheindressau.com/lace-wedding-dresses-australia


The Brides December 2017 January 2018 Issue Has Arrived

One of the moments I remember most from my wedding wasn't one of the best planned, but it was the part that made my husband, G., and me laugh the hardest. Immediately after our ceremony, he and I hopped into an antique convertible and drove from the church to our reception in my parents' backyard. When we arrived at the house, minutes ahead of all our guests, I found that our romantic ride had turned my perfectly coiffed hair into a wild rat's nest!

A wedding, like falling in love, is ultimately about spontaneous moments. As you read through this issue, you'll notice we have a new look (and this is just the beginning). We've expanded our real-weddings coverage to bring you more of the authentic moments that make a wedding and to show you how you can borrow some of those details for yourself.

Over the coming months, we'll bring you celebrations of different styles, locations, and budgets—all with real people, not models, walking back down the aisle together or smiling as they dance their first dance. Because nothing can replicate the joy of a true-life couple at their actual wedding.

I wish I could tell you that everything will go exactly as planned on your wedding day—but I can't! I can tell you that we're here to help you naivagate every step of the process with confidence and style. As you embark on many months of planning, be sure to remember what it's really all about: being with the person you love. No matter how many years go by, when I look at my wedding photos, one of my favorite shots is the one taken as G. and I got out of that convertible. The only thing bigger than my crazy, windblown hair is the smile on my face.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-melbourne-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-sydney