Basics of Decorating a Wedding Cake

As the centerpiece of many conventional weddings, a wedding cake is essential. It is an integral component of various wedding traditions such as the ceremonial cutting process and the delighted couple sharing the first bite.

Considering the amount of attention that it receives, you want to ensure that the wedding cake is properly decorated. This involves being prepared with a clear decorating plan prior to embellishing and frosting the cake. With time, dedication and effort, you can have an unforgettable cake that looks as good as it tastes.


An important aspect of planning cake is a meeting between the couple and baker to discuss ideas, requirements and expectations. Couples often have specific features that should be included in their cakes such as the wedding theme; floral arrangements color preferences and the venue. These details are useful for visualizing a suitable cake for the wedding and decorating it perfectly.

The flowers that the bride and groom plan to use can be included as decorations to match the floral arrangements of the day. It is also important to be aware of the number of guests that are expected to attend the wedding. This may influence some of the cake decorating choices, including the size and number of layers.


Estimating a budget is crucial to cover the costs of ingredients and decorations that will be used. For a bride and groom that already has a budget, making an effort to stay within the limits will determine how much can be accomplished. Regardless of what the budget may be, there are affordable designs and wedding cake decorating solutions to accommodate every financial situation.

Venue Location

The location of the venue gives you an idea of the type of wedding that is being as well as pertinent information like temperature and weather conditions. For example, butter cream or other forms of cream frosting may not be ideal for an outdoor wedding during the warmer seasons because of exposure to the sun. Frosting that is likely to spoil under such conditions can be preserved by placing layers of fondant. This also helps to keep the frosting looking even and smooth.

Seasonal Elements

Seasonal elements can be used to accentuate a wedding cake. Consider the season and time of year when the wedding is being celebrated. With insight regarding the type of features that will be displayed at the wedding, they can be coordinated to match the season and general motif. A winter themed wedding, for example, may inspire the inclusion of liberally spread white icing, snowflakes, glitter on the cake.

Leveling the Cake

A cake that is not even or smooth is not a visually appealing sight when it is displayed and is the main focal point. Wedding cake experts prioritize the levelness of cakes and usually check on how flat the cake is after it has firmed up and cooled.

Quick Tips

Depending on the couple’s preference, a stand or supports may be used for the cake. Multi-tier cakes require adequate support to maintain stability.

While frosting the cake, the external layer should always be smooth and even.

Stack the cake and consider using fondant to complete the cake or create decorative shapes.

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Preen by Thornton Bregazzi

“We’re bringing up two girls in this world and it’s turned into such a mess that we feel a strong responsibility to show them it must not be like this for them,” said Thea Bregazzi. Blythe and Fauve are 8 and 4 years old, respectively. Their dad, Justin Thornton, seconded that. “We continually want to give our daughters the message that they can have the future they want. . . They can do what they want, wear whatever they want, and nothing can alter the power of who they are.” Even without knowing this, you could detect the potent symbolism from look one: a woman wearing a white bonnet, a swathed white linen shirt over a blouse with 18th-century cuffs, and white pants. On one side of her shirt, a red letter A was embroidered in a lopsided typeface. An obvious nod to Hester Prynne and her letter A in The Scarlet Letter, Thornton and Bregazzi’s looked more like a graffitied anarchy symbol. The stark contrasts between white dresses and red socks which followed were inescapable echoes of The Handmaid’s Tale and the terror of the combined forces of totalitarianism and religion, which are again threatening female freedoms in our time.

There followed a section of skimpier dresses, collaged from silken camisoles, slips, and lace—the underlying sexuality for which women are desired, accused, and abused in every society. Maybe. Or maybe they were just pretty dresses? Thornton and Bregazzi are great at pretty dresses—the fluttery, asymmetrical, ruffled, and printed ones in dusty pastels and flashes of silver beading reiterated that. Were we off the subject of empowerment by now? Not at all, Bregazzi asserted. “I love the idea of a woman being able to stand up and deliver a lecture in front of a room full of men while wearing a beautiful floaty dress if she wants to. Why not?”

Thornton and Bregazzi read. Instead of a routine press release describing their collections or the standard mood boards most designers populate with magazine tear sheets and pictures of art, this couple communicates seasonally by issuing guests with a photograph of a stack of books. Among the recommended texts this time: Anarchism and Other Essays, Growing Strong Daughters, Pink Sari Revolution, Divided by Faith, Girls Think of Everything, The Scarlet Letter (of course), and The Metaphysical Book of Gems and Crystals. Thornton and Bregazzi have an interest in magic—they called up earthy, ancient goddesses and witches in their Spring 2017 collection. In times that seem apocalyptic, people do cling to cults and religions when all else fails. They’ve been looking into that, as well as politics and history, to construct ways to resist the evils of regressive forces that might limit the futures of their children.

“Ultimately, you know, I think it’s about having faith,” said Bregazzi.

Faith that things will improve?

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Being Cheap is Not Necessarily a Bad Thing


Frugal. Prudent. Shrewed. These, among so many other words, are terms people who would ordinarily be referred to as ‘cheap’ use to describe themselves today. And can you really blame them for using these fancy words? There is a sort of negative connotation to the word “cheap”. Actually, some would refer to the word as straight-up offensive.

It is such a dirty, disgusting word because, somehow, being cheap automatically means the person is not very successful or the person is stingy “aka gum” …and if we are being honest, we hate such people in this country.

An undeniable norm in our society, most people can no longer be cheap and have peace. We tend to purchase and consume things for the benefit of our social status. We constantly pretend we have more money than we actually have in the bank just to impress onlookers. And even when we want to accept our fate, humble ourselves and cut our coat according to the material we have earned, the banks tell us it’s okay to buy now and pay later. You disregard the responsible plan you made to save money for the professional courses needed to climb higher on your professional ladder; instead you take a loan to buy a Hyundai and rent an apartment at Chevron.

Even more, you are already in a tight corner trying to pay off the loan, yet you say “yes” to friends when they call and invite you to expensive restaurants or bars. You imagine them shaking their head and laughing at you when you refuse or go out and refuse to eat or drink insist and you cringe. The way you see it, you cannot afford to humble yourself and opt out, even if you wanted to. They wouldn’t get it. They would just assume you are being completely unreasonable … or worse, they label would you cheap and ostracize you. And God forbid you exist in a world without lavish friends.

There is a secret which people who avoid being labeled “cheap” do not know: being cheap is not as bad as it seems. Actually, the ‘cheap” people you know and berate, essentially, have more money than you (that is patching a fake life) do, and they are probably happier as well. Yes. The ones, who only buy items when they are on discount or close to expiry date, wear the same wig for a year and a half, and ‘codedly’ earn 500k a month but still jump bus. Those ones. They are actually living a better and more enjoyable life than you are. Sucks, right?

Believe it or not, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being openly selective about what you spend your money on. If anything, being cheap is amazing! It grants you a lot of freedom. You are free from the exhaustion that comes with living a fake life or having to keep up appearances, and you do not suffer the heartburn that comes from comparing yourself with peers or trying to meet up to standards. You can boldly go to Yaba, bend down, pick clothes and take selfies while you are at it. That way there is no need to claim you bought it from a boutique or look for a lie to tell when it so happens there is a small discolouration on the shoulder. You are not bogged down by the fact that your friends traveled to Dubai just to shop for your own wedding. You can’t be bothered about what they do their money. You quit caring about such things a long time ago. In the end, you are the one getting married and more, you will all look fabulous anyway…cloth is cloth…no headaches allowed.

If you even think about it, being fashionable and following trends is time-consuming, it goes against your mission if you are keen on making the things that you do have last longer. Also you could invest the extra time spent on shopping an all that on other things that really matter like building your career, starting that business e.t.c.

It is no wonder cheap people actually get out the rat race faster than others. Their ‘cheap’ habits allow them to save and start their own business, chase their passions or just change fruitless careers quickly with little consequence. They understand the value of money. They know how to make a budget and stick to it. They always have money left over from earnings for savings, so their financial well-being is usually tight. They are first to know where the good sales are. In fact, they hardly every pay full price for anything because they are good negotiators, and can get fabulous for less.

Cheapskates may seem tacky and possibly even come off as gauche, but at the end of the day, they are the ones who really get the happy ending in life. Being cheap may not be trendy, sexy or even brilliant, but it could be the difference between the life you have now and the life you want. If you can find a way to embrace being cheap, your problems are half solved already.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/strapless-wedding-dresses-au | http://www.sheindressau.com/purple-bridesmaid-dresses



Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani could be gearing up for a televised family wedding – but not their own.

Fans are speculating that Blake and Gwen, who have battled wedding rumors ever since they confirmed they were dating almost two years ago, could be about to give fans a peak at Shelton/Stefani wedding that’s actually between their two dogs.

Rumors are swirling that Shelton’s new music video could possibly feature a doggie wedding between their canines Betty and Ginger after the country star confirmed on social media on August 5 that his new single is titled “I’ll Name the Dogs.”

Betty is Blake’s dog (who he showed off on Twitter on September 5) while Ginger belongs to Gwen.

The Voice coach’s big new single announcement has fans preparing for a wedding after the dogs were allegedly dressed up as a bride and groom during what appeared to be the song’s music video shoot in Los Angeles in August 11.

A number of fans tweeted spoilers from Shelton’s shoot last month, posting photos of Stefani and her sons Kingston and Zuma on the set while Blake’s band members were also spotted looking pretty dressed up.

Gwen’s boys were dressed in tuxedos as they hung around on set with their mom and her boyfriend in photos published online by Mail Online last month.

The kids’ sharp attire suggested Zuma and Kingston were on the set to film and likely be in a possible wedding scene, though Stefani appeared to be a little more dressed down in the on-set images as she paid a visit to her boyfriend.

A fan also recapped the teases last month and confirmed that the California shoot was something Shelton was working on.

“Ok so let’s recap what we know so far: Blake is shooting a music video today, Gwen and kids on set, everyone is dressed up (band & [Kingston] & [Zuma]),” im_ad0rkable wrote on the social media site last month. They then added that there were unconfirmed reports claiming “there might be dogs dressed like a bride and groom,” hinting at a dog wedding.

GAC revealed this week that they would be premiering the music video for the song on September 8, which now has fans putting two and two together.

“This is the LA shoot with the wedding and the dogs and Gwen’s kids kdjfkwmx!!!!!” one excited fan tweetedwhile quoting a message from GAC that claimed the network would be broadcasting the TV premiere later this week.

“Yesssss!!!!! CAN’T WAIT! OMG,” another then tweeted in reply to the possible wedding. “With Gwen and Blake and Kingston and Zuma and Apollo and Betty and Ginger and… a whole fandom crying.”

The “Used To Love You” singer also teased that she may have a little involvement with the song in some capacity on Instagram as she supported her boyfriend of almost two years.

She posted a photo of Blake’s single artwork to the social media site on September 5 and added the caption, “Can’t wait for everyone to hear this!! Sooooooo good!

The couple previously teased that they were making music together earlier this year after Shelton’s name popped up as a songwriter on a track thought to be featured on Stefani’s upcoming Christmas album.

Blake Shelton hasn’t confirmed the rumors about his new music video for “I’ll Name the Dogs,” though fans should get to see what the country star has been working on and whether or not his and Gwen Stefani’s dogs will be getting hitched in a doggie wedding from September 8.Read more at:http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-perth | http://www.sheindressau.com/wedding-dresses-adelaide


Melbourne Fashion Week


fashion lovers set to blush during event

Move over "millennial pink" because blush is taking the reins as the flesh-toned colour of summer.

Models wearing the colour du jour will take to the catwalk at twilight on Friday under the stars – and a couple of overpasses – as Little Bourke Street plays host to the Emporium Runway for the launch of Melbourne Fashion Week.

Stylist Emily Ward, who is responsible for the looks in Friday's show, said the colour can intimidate some people but hopefully the looks shown in the parade will prove blush is just a neutral friend consumers haven't met.

"It can look amazing on unexpected combinations, like on a redhead," Ms Ward said.

But not all blushes are created equal. Cooler tones look good on complexions with yellow undertones, while pinky undertones should swing towards warmer hues.

"Punctuate with a burgundy or red lip or black accessories so it doesn't look too ethereal," Ms Ward said.

Ms Ward said the Emporium show is curated differently to the designer runways through next week to be the "key looks for the season".

"There are a lot of personalities to cover off. That's right for fashion at the moment, it's all about democratisation and not having one point of view," she said.

Melbourne Fashion Week kicks off on Friday night with a major shopping festival, which is sponsored by Vogue magazine.

Over the next seven days, the Town Hall precinct and other city venues will play host to parades, talks and live sites aimed at boosting Melbourne's reputation as the fashion capital of Australia.

The event is also trying to earn the title of the most diverse fashion event in the country, with models of different ages, shapes and ethnicities taking to the runway.

The diversity is reflected in the four "faces" of this year's festival, including Ajak Deng and size 12 model Stefania Ferrario​.

While fashion week is a ticketed event, there are plenty of free events including the Creative Collective exhibition at the Town Hall and a free show at Collins Place on Friday evening. Remember, first in best dressed.

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